A Prehistoric Race of Giants

Giant skeletons with double rows of teeth have been found all over North America and throughout the world.
Giant skeletons with double rows of teeth have been found all over North America and throughout the world.

Giant skeletons with double rows of teeth have been found all over North America and throughout the world.

I went to a lecture about by Jim Vieira, a stonemason from Ashfield, about stone chambers in New England. The notice I saw mentioned a similarity to a stone structure in Ireland, and I was hoping to hear at last about an Atlantic connection in the prehistory of America. I got a lot more than I bargained for!

Vieira is a member of the Northeast Antiquities Research Association, and he has made a study of stone structures around New England, and he has found that many of them use such enormous stones and are put together with such enormous amounts of labor that they simply cannot be colonial root cellars. And there are so many of them that they can hardly be the ‘follies’ of a few eccentric stonemasons in the Colonial Period.

Plus there are accounts from the first settlers describing stone structures that were here when they came. Plus they all have entrances oriented to the same positions of the sun and moon.

When you take this together with the marvels of engineering achieved by the Mound Builders of North America, it seems pretty clear that someone was here before the tribes that met the first Europeans settlers, because these tribes were not in the habit of moving around 14-foot slabs of granite.

Vieira doesn’t profess to know who made these stone chambers, but he adduces a mountain of evidence to show that the current view of North American history is going to be turned on it’s head fairly soon.

Because the stone chambers are only the beginning. There is lots more evidence that is even more astonishing. At this point Vieira asks his audience to bear with him and keep an open mind. See there’s also this race of giants…

Okay, okay. It sounds like the lost continent of Atlantis and the aliens who built the pyramids, but remember we’re talking to a very practical man. He’s a stonemason and he’s from around here. And the evidence comes not from some esoteric set of scrolls in the library of a Tibetan llama, but from┬áthe annual reports of New England cities and towns!

I had no idea how many there were — hundreds and hundreds! These skeletons are seven to nine feet tall, some even taller, and they have double rows of teeth, all of them! Many are buried with copper armor or jewelry.

You hear legends of a race of giants in cultures all over the world, and I always thought people found some dinosaur thigh bone and thought it was from a giant human. But these reports from New England (and many other places around the world) are of intact skeletons.

Abraham Lincoln wrote about the race of giants and George Washinton found one of the giant skeletons at Mount Vernon. Closer to home, an enormous skeleton with double teeth was found here in Gill Massachusetts. Just google giant skeletons or double teeth and you find reports from all over North America and throughout the world.

Needless to say, I am agape and anxious to learn more about this ancient race of giants.

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Stephen Hartshorne worked in newspapers and magazines around New England for many years and served as Information Officer in the New Hampshire Senate under Senate President Vesta Roy. He worked as a material handler for nine years at the Yankee Candle Company until the company was taken over by corporate weasels. He is currently the associate editor of GoNOMAD.com, an alternative travel website, which gives him the opportunity to correspond with writers and photographers all over the world. He lives in Sunderland, Massachusetts. This blog is dedicated to his mom, who made him bookish.

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17 Comments on “A Prehistoric Race of Giants

  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the pub. I like your blog, well written. If you send me your email I could send you some articles I have written about topics I discussed at the powerpoint. Take care JIM

  2. This is beyond ridiculous. Pseudoscientific nonsense.

    Yes, there’s a conspiracy to hide the truth that North America was populated by a race of giants. We archaeologists are inducted into the Archaeology Illuminati when we first declare our majors, and thereafter are sworn to secrecy never to reveal the truth.

    • Well done man! You have quite the way with words! Where did you learn to debunk like that? Can I learn that at school? I can just tell you’re a person who really knows his stuff.

  3. I got a book at the Plimoth Plantation bookstore, about 12+ years ago. “Mysteries of New England”, by a fella who tramped around the woods and found a number of ‘anomalies’ of architecture and excavations. I actually spoke to his widow about his work. Nevertheless, this is all good that this is preserved to our day…and beyond. May all be Blessed by this work. Sincerely, Mike Ross

  4. Hey Jim –
    Thank you for your hard work to uncover the truth. I’m always reading about “fringe” topics and am surprised that this is the first I’ve heard of this race of giants of ancient America. I was talking with a friend this morning about your study and he said he was talking with a friend recently about the same thing and this person knows a living individual with a double row of teeth. I inquired about this man’s size but no further information was available at the time. I’m going to look for more of your articles or presentations. Keep revealing the truth! – shane

  5. I am of Choctaw Indian descent. I have been researching Choctaw history. A relative of mine wrote a book called “history of Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians” in 1899 by h.b. Cushman. on page 151, he writes of when the Choctaw first migrated to Mississippi from Mexico and found a race of giants with white completion living in Mississippi. They found them to be cannibals and would capture them and eat them. Cushman received a letter from a mr. H. S. halbert on 1-3-1878 stating a chemical analysis of the bones of this giant race in Tennessee and elsewhere were done and it was found that at least one cause of extinction was syphilis. Very interesting story, you should read. Many other native Indians have stories of in countering this race of giants also.

    • You can’t call the bible a bunch of myths when there is evidence of the contrary .
      So cover up the evidence .
      A race of giants are mentioned in the King James Bible
      Our population has been methodically conditioned to hate:
      If your interested in history science and the bible
      Check out mansaidgodsaid.com for more information

  6. This topic has peaked my interest. Can you share any further information, such as books, websites, or any other contacts on ancient giant in Mississippi or else where in the US. Thank you,

  7. Hi Judy,

    I am also choctaw from louisville,ms and i would like to find some information on this matter so i can do some research when im back for a visit.

  8. I will try and find that book about “Mysteries of New England”. Also interesting is the stone inscription in West Virginia by Celtic monks, in the old Irish ‘rune’, that attest to the ecclesiastical ‘birth day’ of the Son of GOD. If you search “West virginia irish monks” you will find it. Very interesting, indeed. again, mike

  9. Yes, and again, there is a book in my possession that has photos taken in the late 1800’s of ‘mooring rings’ that were made in rocks projecting from riverbanks in Mass. Now, there were some strange inscriptions also, well worn. When investigated by some archeological professor, sometime after the discovery, the stones were underwater, from low head dams, that provided water power before electricity. Now, the discovered that the script was Syro-Phonecian in origin. Those folks were renown for their vast sea voyages…and apparently, sail up some rivers of modern day New England….2,500+ years ago…! THIS, is archeological evidence of past peoples, some apparently ‘non-homosapian’ that inhabited the world in some Eon past. In the Hebrew reading of the first of Genesis..’the earth was void and without form’ translated from ‘tohu’ and ‘bohu’ has various meanings, of which can mean “void from a previous era’s destruction” or “from a cataclysmic event”…! Gives one pause…, eh..??!! til later, Mike

  10. …oh, yes, for you ‘Native’ or ‘First Peoples’ folks…, there are extant records of railroad cuts in Ohio, in the 1800’s, where the skeletal remains of ‘giants’…, with femurs longer than 36″, that were found in apparent ‘burial mounds’. These were NOT what modern Americans would call Native Americans (previously ‘Indians’…). So , also, in the mountains of either Utah or Nevada, it was said that a ‘red haired people’ lived, who were feared by the ‘Indians’ of 1,500 yrs ago (as passed down by N A’s elders…). That they were slaughtered by a confederacy of various Indian tribes sometime in the near past. You can find it on Youtube, and other actual scholarly documents. They also found that many Native American tribes, have a significant ‘Caucasian’ component in their DNA, as such, much more than the occasional ‘white man’ taking a ‘squaw’ as wife. The postulation is that ‘white’ people actually sailed/drifted across the Atlantic 1,000’s of years ago (possibly some ‘Ice Age’ event..).. far earlier than ‘Columbus’, or even the Irish monks of the 500-600’s. Very interesting indeed…, later, Mike

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