Remember Your Mother and Wachitawcha


This guy’s name is Wachitawcha. He’s a soapdish. He belonged to my mother, who once had a thing for frogs. I call him Wachitawcha, which is not a name you would expect for a guy in a porkpie hat, but every time I see him he says, “Remember your mother and Wachitawcha.”

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Stephen Hartshorne worked in newspapers and magazines around New England for many years and served as Information Officer in the New Hampshire Senate under Senate President Vesta Roy. He worked as a material handler for nine years at the Yankee Candle Company until the company was taken over by corporate weasels. He is currently the associate editor of, an alternative travel website, which gives him the opportunity to correspond with writers and photographers all over the world. He lives in Sunderland, Massachusetts. This blog is dedicated to his mom, who made him bookish.

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