Kent E. St. John 1955-2012

by Max Hartshorne

Kent has checked out.

Kent E. St. John lived a life that many of us would envy, it was always lived to the very fullest and he saw more of the world than anyone I know. On Thanksgiving, at home, he passed away, with his loving wife Lisa by his side. He was a very important part of GoNOMAD and he will never be forgotten for his many contributions in energy, his stories, fine photography and mostly for the love that he had to share travel stories. You can read his many travel stories on GoNOMAD, they represent his amazing life and wide travels around the world.

While this blog will never be updated again, it’s a tribute to a fine writer who fought bravely against cancer and whose words will remain a testament to a compassionate, generous spirit, who was loved by many.

Max Hartshorne, November 2012


The St Regis is My Choice in Mexico City

October 5, 2012

I was in Mexico City last month and while I was there I stayed in a fabulously luxurious hotel called the St. Regis. It’s located right on a busy round about, the boulevard is called The Reforma.  The glistening glass and steel tower features a beautiful spa up on the top floor, and outside, a […]

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Long Beach and Maya Hotel, Magic Time in California

June 19, 2012

Lets face it hotels are a hard choice, what floats my boat may not float yours but right now I’m neck deep and happy as a clam. Thanks to Long Beach CVB marvel Megan Rodriguez and Pier PR principal Cameron Andrews. While other convention and tourists are in the middle of the city, I’m across […]

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Yacht Rental in Long Beach, Why Not

June 16, 2012

All right think of this one, your script just got bought but the bucks have yet to follow. Okay breath deep and rent a yacht to hang out on in Long Beach. Take your pick of six different craft to celebrate on. You get fresh linens and all needed to hang except your not moving. […]

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Big Times at the Westin Long Beach

June 14, 2012

At 469 rooms this Westin is large and the huge and super comfortable bed conveys that feeling. To match the bed the room is also a good size and yup you got it, the bathroom is no slouch either. The location is good as all major places such as Pike’s street and the piers and […]

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The Algonquin Hotel, NYC’s History and Matilda’s Home

May 30, 2012

I have to wonder if cats had FB and such would mine be a bit jealous over the make up the legendary Algonquin Hotel has just over gone. It certainly needed one. Not only was the hotel home to the literary round table where Parker, Benchley, Sherwood, Kaufman and others sat and satirically blasted writers […]

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