Give me Chocolate or Give me Death!

Her name is Suzanna, not Sue, not Suzanne, not Suzy, it’s Suzanna and don’t try calling her anything but. At 88 yrs, she’s as independent and spry as she was during her vibrant youth. She’ll talk your ear off about her friendships with Paul McCartney and Bing Crosby and her 45 year career as a dancer with the NYC Ballet Company. As interesting as that is, we’re really there to find out the secret to her longevity, wearing a face as smooth as silk and legs as strong as an ox. She could easily pass for 65 — raising her skirt high enough for us to admire her tight glutes. I thought better of videotaping that.

Suzanna lives in Saratoga, in a charming old stone Presbeterian Church – converted into luxury condo’s for those who can afford NYC morgages. Her condo is filled with antiquity; ornate, sculptural works of decorative art made of precious metals, Greek vases painted and depicting the God of War, Ares and God of Love, Aphrodite, along with full length murals of modern art. A real class act. After recounting the glory days with photos and books, time is ticking and we insist she enlighten our curiousity.

“Please Suzanna — Tell the viewing public what keeps you walking miles and miles everyday without assistance or the need for a vehicle?” “No chocolate my dear” she says looking me straight in eye. “I’ve not had chocolate for 40 years”.

Ummmm….no chocolate? It doesn’t compute. Did I hear her correctly? I can go so far as imagining abstinence for 40 years – but chocolate? No WAY! “Ah Hell” I resign ” Bring on the wrinkles and poor posture!, I’ll never denounce the food of My Gods!”.

Another strong female voice interviewed this week was Camille Paglia. A writer of western culture and sexual evolution, she’s controversial, erudite and hated by conservatives and liberals alike. She protects her identity using a pseudonym when she stays in hotels. Wednesday night she spoke at Suny Albany about her latest publication, a collection of favorite poems and essays, analyzed and scrutinized by her alone. She’s brilliant in her theories and conclusions about higher education, celebrities, and the Pope.

“Private Liberal Arts Colleges, those that cost parents a fortunate to send their children to, are a scandal, a joke, and out of complete control” she bellows. “The education and professors at these schools are no better than those found at public institutions like SUNY. And still mainstream media avoids stories that exploit the ugly truth about these money-hungry imposters”.

Suddenly, I’m feeling like my days of apoligizing for attending 2 SUNY schools are over. I like her, like I liked Anita Roddick, founder and CEO of the Body Shop and I pick her brain tirelessly before her interview with the Boston Globe.

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