Ghostly Haunts in Ogdensburg, NY

Ghostly Sightings

Last night, I took a spooky ghost tour through Ogdensburg, NY. Mary LaJoie, paranormal storyteller of The Shadows of Ogdensburg and co-conspirator Sue McWilliams lead the tour.

The girls repeated tales of shadowy figures looming at places like the Public Library, Lighthouse Point and the Frederic Art Museum. The 90-minute walk captured unusual events from centuries past including Madame Vespucci, descendant of Ameriga Vespucci, who is said to float through the museum halls of American painter, illustrator and sculptor, Frederic Remington.

About 50 of us bundled closely together listening to ghostly manifestations at the Post Office, the Custom House, the Masonic Temple and an even the abandoned Ramada Hotel. My powers of observation dared to believe that I might have seen a curtain move or felt an eerie presence.

Something other than the chilly evening and a full moon gave me goosebumps. The flickering street lights that went on and off added to the mysterious phenomena.

For more information, contact Mary LaJoie at 315.393.4041.

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  1. looking for Ghost Tours in and around Odgensburg, Massena and Canton New York.

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