Month: September 2012

No Travel Needed for “Trees for Tracks”

In the freelance world, everyday you have to be prepared to grab your video gear and fly to Europe, Asia, Africa, even the moon on a moments notice. But, today, for the first time and, most likely, the… Read More

A Bubble Car in Bennington, Vt

Put, put, put… this little red Isetta is no bigger than a golf cart but it sure is cute. I returned to Hemmings Motor News Museum with Mutti where she waxed nostalgically about how she once rode one… Read More

Stump-driven Stonehedge

Dead tree stumps are great for turning into seats or small end tables but some-sort of twisted art gallery? The eccentric home owner of this property went ‘out on a limb’ to display these sentient legends. Propped up… Read More

A Pilgrimage to Poland; Mutti’s Birthplace

My Mutti (mom) was born in Prussia, Germany in 1943 during World War II. Nearly 70 years later, her and her siblings took the month of June to return to Prussia, now Poland, and see what was left… Read More

“Ride to Recovery” rests at West Point

The United States Military Academy at West Point isn’t just for officers and the NCO anymore. You used to have to have a card-carrying military vet or someone with a military ID with you to visit the property…. Read More

Careful of Cliches in a Foreign Country

I came bearing gifts for my Russian friends in Tula last week: frosted shot glasses with Milton Glaser’s famous “I love NY” logo on the side. However, little did I know that vodka is but another one of… Read More