Month: May 2013

Journey along the Erie Canal with “Our Ability”

June 1st (that’s today!) is National Trails Day, the largest celebration of trails in the country. Thousands of activities are happening like hikes, biking, horseback rides, paddling trips, birdwatching, gear demonstrations and stewardship projects. Later this month, I’ll… Read More

Setting Sale in Stormville, NY

As storms washed away most of Memorial Weekend I found myself in Stormville, NY. Not filming, hiking or sightseeing the quaint Dutchess County village but, rather, helping family members with a garage sale. Yes, a garage sale. This… Read More

Showing off at the Chesterwood Vintage Car Show

“The car won’t run unless we dress up,” laughs Joellen Rose. And dress up they do! Outfitted with mobster-like fashions like fancy chapeaus and white gloves, Rose and her brother Bryan A. Blas pose in front of their… Read More

The Hudson Harbor in Tarrytown, NY

Parallel with the Metro-North station in Tarrytown, NY is a massive luxury development project nearing completion. The townhouses and condos are nothing short of a half-a-million dollars and almost all have views of the mighty Hudson river and… Read More

Seeing Mount Everest through My Lens

I’m in no shape to climb Mount Everest. Few people are. But, Helen Kinuthia of Kenya is and should she make it to the top of the tallest mountain in the world she will become the first black… Read More

Travel Ideas at Schoharie County Website

Celebrities in Schoharie County? You bet there are. The Fabulous Beekman Boys, two NYC guys who bought a farm and share their experiment in a reality show on the Cooking Channel, are it. Visitors are welcome to pet… Read More