Month: July 2013

Helping my Best Friend to Heaven

The pendulum swung from the height of euphoria to the pits of despair this week. I went from enjoying a glorious 10-trip through Europe to making the painstaking decision to send my dog to heaven the day after… Read More

Feeling Car Envy at Meilenwerk

Our last day in Stuttgart was spent smitten with Meilenwerk – a warehouse (not a museum) filled with vintage stylish and collector classics. Cars, motorbikes, even boats can be acquired or sold, rented, restored or serviced here. Owners… Read More

Stuttgart: Car Capital of the World

It all started with Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian-German automotive engineer best known for creating the first hybrid vehicle, the Volkswagen Beetle. No, actually it was earlier with August Horch, the brainchild of Audi, the manufacturing giant. Wait, the… Read More

Summer in the City of Stuttgart, Germany

Marriage is not the popular institution it once was in Germany but bachelor/bachelorette parties were in full swing all over Stuttgart on Saturday. The city was celebrating their annual Summer Festival complete with gastronomy, music, performances, kids games… Read More

River Surfing in Munich, Germany

While biking around the Bavarian Capital of Munich, don’t miss out on watching the wetsuits who brave surfing the artificial waves on the river Isar. The fast flowing water attracts the best in sport because there is so… Read More

Planes, Trains & the Underground to Munich, Germany

I knew I was definitely leaving for Germany as soon as I queued up for Luftansa. The airline is notorious for following the rules, as is the country. The attendant pulled me aside to measure my bag. It… Read More