Month: September 2013

Meeting President Lincoln at Grant’s Cottage

A few weeks ago I shook hands with our 26th President, trustbuster, Teddy Roosevelt in North Creek, NY. Last night it was a much earlier favorite – the 16th President, Emancipator Abraham Lincoln. Along with two first-time actors… Read More

A Taste for Sweet Corn Triggers Sour Results

This was supposed to be a blog entry about Robert Todd Lincoln and the Hildene estate and lunch at Gringo Jacks and tasting Mother Myrick’s Lemon Lulu Cakes for the first time. Instead, a day in Manchester ends… Read More

Museum Surplus for All Ages in Boston

There’s a museum surplus of fascinating collections in Boston worth exploring. Museums where you can linger for hours over the rich history, scientific discovery and artistic achievement of others. Places like the Museum of Science, Museum of Fine… Read More

Locked and Loaded for a Battle with American History

Today was spent admiring the prep work that goes into recreating one of history’s most important battles. Along the Neilson House hillside hundreds of white tents are being readied while, along the British front, General John Burgoyne’s patriotic… Read More

Hop the Train to North Creek, NY

The North Creek Railroad Depot holds special prominence for Teddy Roosevelt. The beloved 26th President learned of his fate while reading a telegram here on Sept. 14, 1901 from Secretary of State John Hay. The telegram expressed the… Read More

Climbing Giant Makes You Feel Small

I am honored to have climbed Giant Mountain with 5 new gal-friends yesterday, all who have climbed the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks not once but twice and in one case, three-times over. They all agree that… Read More