Month: May 2014

The Stinging Truth about Bushwhacking

When the Catskill Hiker warns you of stinging nettles, do yourself a favor and don’t wear shorts. While trying to bushwhack a 3500 peak in Greene County today, the thorny plant rubbed against our fleshy ankles, calves and… Read More

Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary in Selkirk, NY

I love that, even after living in an area for 20 years, surprise discoveries are still possible. While biking up and around the hills of Selkirk and Feura Bush yesterday, I squealed to an unexpectedly stop to explore… Read More

Reflections of my friend and coworker Judy Sanders

“Fried Chicken sandwich, medium french fries and a large unsweetened ice tea, please. Don’t forget the extra ice in the ice tea,” I would order at the window. But, none of the guilty pleasures were for me. Instead,… Read More

The President pitches tourism in Cooperstown

President Lincoln, on his deathbed, is known to have told Abner Doubleday, “Keep baseball going; the country needs it.” If truth be told, the line was actually fabricated by radio sportscaster Bill Stern. Even so, President Obama, alive… Read More

Video: “L’Chaim” to Shmaltz Brewing in Clifton Park

“To a great year!” so cheered Rabbi Cowan….err, I mean founder of Shmaltz Brewing Company, Jeremy Cowan. Hundreds of Cowan’s devotees made the pilgrimage to Clifton Park today to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the $3.3 million facility…. Read More

Take a walk with amphibians at Dyken Pond

Is green your favorite color? If so, a verdant sea of moss literally covers everything at Dyken Pond Environmental Educational Center in Cropseyville, NY. Rotting stumps, massive stones, old trail signs, tall trees, even creeping into the new… Read More