Winter Weekends at Frost Valley YMCA

Friendship House bedroom

Friendship House

Friendship House

As soon as news spread where Winter Weekend would be held, members of Catskill 3500 Club were quick to bid early for bedrooms at the Friendship House. Elizabeth and I were all over the idea of staying in the Japanese-style camp lodge with an authentic Japanese Tatami room, a handmade Japanese rock garden and traditional Japanese teaware. Oh sure, there were plenty of other accommodations to pick from: cabins, castles and yurts, but the Friendship House had a refreshing Japanese ofuro soaking tub!

I’d driven past the Frost Valley YMCA dozens of times and, not being a Y-member, I’ve always wondered what the campus looks like and offers. Upon checking in at registration, staff wasted no time inviting me to participate in group activities like arts & crafts, indoor climbing, snow tubing, sled building, snow shoe hikes and cross-country skiing.

“Sorry, I’d love to, but I’m going hiking all weekend!” Still, they insisted I wear a plastic yellow bracelet around my wrist while on premise.

There was no need for me to pack lunch meats or granola bars, the staff at Frost Valley were considerate enough to prep bag lunches for all the hikers – I haven’t had a CapriSun juice pouch in eons.

I’ll admit that the morning breakfast buffet selection left little to be desired but given how hungry I was in the evening, hot items of mushroom ravioli, slices of ham and chickpeas with assorted veggies was well received.

Friendship House

Dining Hall at YMCA

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