BASE Jumping in Twin Falls, Idaho

BASE Jumping at Twin Falls, Idaho from PilotGirl Productions on Vimeo.

What could be a more exhilarating experience than BASE jumping off a bridge? The dare devils we spoke to today said the adrenaline rush of free falling 486 feet above the Snake River is beyond compare.

Dozens of thrill seekers from all over the country come to the I. B. Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho to show off their grit and guts. It’s the only bridge in the entire country where it’s legal to base jump.

Eric Dobbins of Dallas, Texas, corrected me when I thought only hotshot young bloods pulled this type of insanity.

“No way! Didn’t you hear? A 102-year-old great grandmother made the plunge tandem last year!”

Tandem jumping is only possible thanks to the relentless efforts of Professional Base Jumper and Stuntman, Sean Chuma of Odd are good that my video didn’t make you dizzy but this will: the gravity-defying, vertigo-inducing, take-your-breath-away heroics of the master at work: Sean Chuma.

Producer Sara and I didn’t stick around long enough to accept the challenge. Instead, we watched safely from several viewing platforms as these seemingly normal guys took flight over and over again.

To add to the peril, not far from the bridge is the dirt ramp that Evel Knievel used when he unsuccessfully attempted to jump the canyon in 1974.

This is some crazy …bleep!

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