Month: July 2017

Schroon Lake with my favorite meterologist

Does this tanned beauty look familiar? No, not the driver. The face on the right! On-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel Kelly Cass and her family were in the Capital Region vacationing at Schroon Lake last week. Kelly… Read More

An angler’s paradise eludes my rod and reel

Do you like to drop line? I’m proud to brag that my hometown is easily considered the freshwater fishing capital of the world. Elite tournaments like the Bassmaster and weekly fishing derbies attract the best anglers in the… Read More

Scents of St. Lawrence County, NY

Sniff the behind of a beaver? Icky. Gross. Ewwww! No thank you! But, take a whiff of excretion we did and, guess what, it’s not half bad. In fact, the fragrance reminded me of vanilla flavoring with a… Read More