Fly Far Away

In early Indian folklore, owls represent wisdom, helpfulness and are said to have powers of prophecy. If that’s true, my seeing at least 5 of these noctural birds, this week alone, could be a good omen. On the other hand, my sightings of these beautiful creatures occured while driving past large open fields recently mowed down for development. Trees, trees, and more trees, all carelessly leveled without concern for the animals and birds that once called these woods their home. It breaks my heart, I tell ya, and if a sad song happens to be playing on XM, well, that’s it, I’m weeping like a baby before I know it. One remaining owl seems not to want to leave, despite the development holocaust destroying all that was once her domain. She stays true to her roots – determined to stay, refusing to admit defeat. To add to my angst on this subject, my mindless neighbor castrated his big beautiful pine in our shared backyard. I couldn’t stop myself. “If I’d known you were going to cut down a tree, I would have chained myself to it!” I shouted on the phone. He laughed…”but it was so ugly Sony”. Ugly? Ugly? My mind can’t fathom the logic. With so many trees falling victum to development and a neighbor who deliberately cuts one down for aestetics, I’m thinking, like the owl, I too need to fly and find a new home!