Wife Swapping in Black and White

  • SumoMe

Last night’s television viewing brought forth two pairs…a black man with a white wife and a black woman with a white husband. They were destined to meet on “Wife Swap,” that terribly tacky yet totally fascinating improbable show where wives are traded and experience another’s life. Black wife was lazy…and imperious. She came home from work every day and trooped upstairs to her bed, where her husband and sons waited on her, bringing her wine and food, and coming every time she shreiked their names. White wife was submissive….her beloved hubby worked all day and came home to plonk himself in front of the TV, never lifting a finger to help. White wife took care of their five daughters, homeschooled them, and liked being a stay at home dominated wife.

When the swap happened, black wife accused black husband of being a “typical black man” and explained that his lazy behavior was why she married a white dude. Black dude, stunned, said was generalizing and “she was the epitome of why race relations are so bad in this country.” But white wife had equally angry feelings about white hubby–forcing them to take out the VCRs and TVs in the kids room and stop spending all of their time by themselves. At the show’s end, both couples vowed to change their ways, and after some yelling at eachother’s spouses, made up and hugged.

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