The Coffee Conundrum

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Coffee, Coffee, how I love thee! Today we met and tasted coffees from two different vendors, with two different ways and mannerisms. The first was here at 10 am, and he brought a thermos of his freshest brew, and a few bags of his product to leave behind. He was young, and smiled, and explained a scientific process that reasoned his product would taste the best, compared with the other brands. His cappuccino machine price didn’t include the 2nd grinder you need for the brew, nor did he mention it. He offered to install the coffee machines at no cost…hey a free plumber!

Then later today, an older owner of a more established coffee company came to see us. He had an embroidered company logo sweatshirt. He said no way, he wouldn’t install any coffeemakers for free. He had a higher price for the cappuccino machine but told me up front I’d need the $200 2nd grinder. But his bean price was .80 less. And his name recognition is higher.

Both of these folks will make excellent business partners…one is cheaper for the long haul and the second offers a quick savings and a charming eagerness to have our business. Who would you choose?

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