Mobile Dance Party en route to Tehran

In Iran there are no dance clubs, but of course, Iranians love to dance. So on our way home from our day-long trip into the desert, they cranked up the funky Iranian dance musik and we took turns boogie-ing in the aisles as the bus rolled the long way back to Tehran.

The stories we heard about having a manteau (3/4 length tunic, required for women to wear) that was 1″ too short and getting in big trouble with the authorities is heartbreaking.

These fun loving people want to have a good time and dance and swing their bodies like the rest of the world. In the desert, there are no minders or police to check them, so the scarves can fall off, the dancing begins and there’s even a little hand-holding. And what’s wrong with that?

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2 Responses to Mobile Dance Party en route to Tehran

  1. Kent E St. John says:

    Boogie on Boss!

  2. jim says:

    they are crazy!

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