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This Friday in Turners Falls, there will be workshops, presentations and a big gathering designed to show people how arts can help a community do well, even with a broken bridge and lots of other problems.  It’s the fourth annual Creative Economy Summit, and I will be joining 30 other presenters doing workshops designed to educate and inspire.

 There will be speakersfrom nearby states, like Bellows Falls, where a mural project began a renaissance in this small river community that has helped bring more creative types and artists to live there. Robert McBride will talk about his approach including accessibility, housing, artist town meetings, collaborative public art initiatives and participating on boards of directors. (7:30-9:00 am Friday, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Program
Hallmark Institute of Photography Dining Room)
Creative Economy Summit 4Dee Boyle-Clapp will present a workshop called “Why Didn’t I Know About This?”  The Arts Extension Service is a national arts service organization and has long had its finger on a national pulse. The question from artists is always the same: Why don’t I know about this? This workshop will introduce artists to institutions, thought-leaders to follow, and resources for funding, artist residency, public arts projects, and other educational resources. (11:00 Hallmark Dining Area Friday)
Your humble blogger will present about how to use social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and blogging to promote your brand and build  up your online reputation. There will be a lot of question and answer to keep the panel in tune with what is relevant to the audience. (3:30 Hallmark Lab, Friday)
After the presentations, there will be time to enjoy the best part of Turners Falls, which is of course, The Rendezvous.
Read more about it at the Summit website
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