Heather Maloney, This Saturday at the Shea Theater, Turners Falls

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Watch her video

I can’t wait to see Heather Maloney at the Shea Theater this Saturday night, March 16. Combined with dinner at the Voo, with great friends, it should be a really fun night. Tickets still avalable at the door. Here she plays one of her songs, a catchy number called “Flutter.”

Singer songwriter bandleader and former Turners Falls resident Heather Maloney comes to the Shea on Saturday night.

Heather is celebrating her new CD, her third at this, her biggest concert ever. A musician friend told me that she’s some singer–not just a popsong girl, but a really strong voice with vocal training.  Her voice is appealing, as is the song in the video, called “Flutter.”

The Shea is a great choice for the show, as Heather once lived in the surging more-and-more hip little town of Turners Falls. Find out more about Heather at www.heathermaloney.com

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