Teal One97: If You Love Arabic Grooves, This Show’s For You

Teal One 97 Arabic music

I’m looking forward to seeing a show at Bowker Auditorium at UMass tomorrow night. It’s the kind of music I’ve loved when I’ve been traveling. Arabic music has a pulse and a groove that’s unmatched by any other genre. They get lost in the trance-like groove and some of their instruments are so different, the sounds are spectacular.

This is a collection of players from all over the Arab world…mixing danceable tunes with traditional melodies.
The roster is a eclectic–Laith Alattan, vocals, from Iraq. Simo Filali Chahad, keyboards and guitar, from Morocco, Cheb Yassin, Algeria, Karim Nagi, a DJ from Egypt, and American Paul Hefti on guitar.

Give them a listen…tickets Fine Arts Center Box Office 545-2511/ 1-800-999-UMAS

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2 Comments on “Teal One97: If You Love Arabic Grooves, This Show’s For You

  1. Great show, great band, great time. You Should have said just “if you love music…” No need to qualify with Arabic. Would love to hear them again

  2. Well I wanted to show people that it’s Arabic music. I loved the way they so proudly told which Arab country they were from. It’s great to see musicians who span so many nations all singing and playing together. It was indeed a great night of music!

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