Off to Another Family Reunion in Pennsylvania

Seven Springs PA

The summer is blowing by and now we’re setting out again on a journey. This time, though, it won’t require notebooks, cameras and a busy itinerary. Rather, it’s a family reunion for the legions of Cunninghams who are all meeting up in Seven Springs, PA.

It’s a noteworthy occasion. The patriarch of the family, Jim Cunningham, is turning 91. He has had a remarkable life so far, with ten children who are all successful and thriving in their own worlds of business. He had eight sons and two daughters, both of the daughters work in schools. The sons are all college educated and personable with lots of grandkids, there’s not a bad apple among them.

We had my family reunion in July this year, also in Pennsylvania. But this time, instead of a giant old house on a lake in the Endless Mountains, we will be in a more modern condo complex that was built for skiers. I am sure there will be a pool and many other forms of relaxation too.

But usually, when families converge for reunions, it’s about the talking, the catching up, the hearing of old stories and the celebrating of milestones.

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