Parents Who Give Their Kids These Names Are Mean

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Late at night, three in the morning, I wake up and begin reading Reddit. There is a thread entitled What baby name makes you want to punch the parent in the face? Here are some of the names people have chosen to give their babies…without the usual hilarious comments that make Reddit such a great site.

Sirius Trouble Britain
Evol (it was explained that’s it’s “Love” spelled backwards
Yarp Same as above
Spechelle another common thread is to spell a regular name uniquely…as in Kortnee, Ja’Qualyn
VaGina –explained by the lame-assed mother as pronounced Va GEE na… Yeah right!

Imagine the distress of poor Bort when he goes to the White Mountains and flips around and around on that display with the little license plates and can’t find anything close to his name. Or VaGina’s either.

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2 thoughts on “Parents Who Give Their Kids These Names Are Mean”

  1. In the 1930s, my father worked for an international construction company. One day, he was saved from a potentially fatal accident by a German colleague. So grateful was he that he promised to name his firstborn son after the German.

    I didn’t come along until 1942 … and, when Dad went to register the birth, he was told firmly by the Registrar:

    ‘You are not going to call that child Adolf!’

    To that Registrar, I shall be eternally grateful!

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