A New Cafe Will Bring Life to Sleepy South Deerfield Next Week

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I am so excited about our town’s newest addition….Mosaic Cafe! Ever since we had to close the GONOMAD Cafe in the center of town, I have been thinking about how much a little village needs a cafe. When Mary began taking a writing workshop at Ruth’s cafe (in the former Elm Farm Bakery space) I wondered if the salon would eventually morph into a cafe.

Now I am happy to report that I am meeting a friend next week at the Cafe in South Deerfield!  Ruth is profiled in the linked article from the Daily Hampshire Gazette.  Since 2011, I have been told so many times that we need a cafe, we need a gathering place. We need you to re-open!

That’s not gonna happen but having Ruth open her doors will be a welcome addition. She will have Pierce Brothers Coffees and specialty teas, and baked goods and some sandwiches. Maybe we can convince her to make egg sandwiches and salads too!

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