When In Doubt, Bake a Pie

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My cabbage and caramelized onion pie.

My cabbage and caramelized onion pie.

I am amazed sometimes at how easy it used to be to write a daily blog. I would naturally have so much to share, so many things I’ve just read that I’m eager to share, or a comment someone made, or a place that I’m going.  It’s harder now, maybe I just don’t think people are interested like I once did.

On this gray day in South Deerfield, with a slow day in the office, I am grasping for topics.  I think the topic of food is in order.

I have a daily responsibility, every night I get to decide what we are having for dinner. This might seem like a good thing, but like the feeling when you’re up playing music and somebody has to think of what song to play, it doesn’t always come easy.   I am glad that I have my NY Times Cooking section emails that keep me filled with good, tasty ideas.

Today I grabbed a recipe that I had printed out last week.  Cabbage and Carmelized onion pie.  I even remembered to buy a gluten-free pie crust at the store, so today, I carmelized the onions, cooked down the cabbage, and made a beautiful pie.

Now my only problem is that there are only two of us, and I hate the idea of throwing away any of this pretty pie.

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