Wild Roots Cafe Opens in Sunderland

Kelly and Kelly at the Wild Roots Cafe, at the Sunderland Bridge.

Kelly and Kelli at the Wild Roots Cafe, at the Sunderland Bridge.

I stopped by the new Wild Roots Cafe near the bridge in Sunderland, and behind the counter, two women named Kelly smiled. It was 2:30 pm, and they had opened for their first day today, they looked ebullient and tired, the way I remember so well from my GoNOMAD Cafe days. I was brought back to my distinct memory of March 4, 2006, when we opened our small cafe, very much like this one.

There are not any tables, so they’re going for the grab and go, and take out business.  There is a full menu with sandwiches and pastries and juices and coffees. No espresso.  I think it’s nice and simple, so it won’t be hard to succeed.  Already five of my Facebook friends said they’ll go in and check it out. Wild Roots Cafe, open 7:00 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday.

I hope they can be open during the weekends too!

I am going to support them and I hope that you will too.  These small businesses need help to become regular stops, and once they do, we all rely on them.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Roots Cafe Opens in Sunderland”

  1. Caleb, so do I. I think some of the best times of my life were spent enjoying food and coffee with all of the people who created Deerfield’s cafe culture, if only for those five years. I wish there was a cafe like that again.

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