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Georgia on My Mind

October 14, 2014

Tweet Georgia: some random thoughts as we drove from the center of the country, Tbilisi, to the west: Along the road, we came to a detour, with two policemen directing our bus shunting us off to a dusty rutted road. We were driving through the remains of an old Soviet factory, one of hundreds that [...]

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Georgian Hospitality: “God Tests You By Sending You Guests”

October 12, 2014

Tweet   “God tests how much you love him by sending you guests,” said John H. Wurdeman V.  We were seated at a long table, shoe-horned into a narrow establishment in downtown Tbilisi called Azarphesha Restaurant, and before us was the first course of a long, long dinner of mezze plates. He spoke with an [...]

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Georgia, The Republic, Lies Ahead

October 8, 2014

Tweet   On Friday I am flying to Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, with a group of 10 journalists to tour the country and get to know what travelers can find there.  We will spend a long layover in Munich before we hit Georgia’s capital city on Sunday October 12. Georgia is [...]

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Double Take Fringe Festival Roars Back October 17-18!

October 3, 2014

Tweet   This is something I really REALLY wish I was going to. I have a good excuse but nonetheless, were I you, I’d check out this great festival of short plays that will be held Friday and Saturday October 17-18th in Greenfield.  The venues are some of best parts of the shows, which range [...]

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Mridula Gets Her Own Domain, a Top Indian Travel Blogger

October 1, 2014

Tweet Long ago, a young Indian professor named Mridula Dwivedi started sending her stories into GoNOMAD.  We were in our little red office, this was back in 2005, and Steve kept publishing more and more of her stories. She traveled only in India and all of the stories had the travel weary reality of long [...]

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Singing to the Belugas in Manitoba

September 26, 2014

Tweet Every day I go down to my office I open up a the equivalent of a chocolate box–a new story to publish on GoNOMAD. It’s so varied, there are so many different stories, I never know what I’m going to get. That’s what makes being an editor such fun. Did you know that beluga [...]

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