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Getting Help: Using Interns, Salespeople and Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business

September 12, 2014

Tweet I flew to Cancun this morning, and when I arrived I was in the thick of TBEX, the Travel Bloggers Exchange that brings more than 1000 travel writers and bloggers under one giant roof.  I was glad to feel my knee pretty much return to normal after my fall the other day.  Lots of [...]

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The Knee Goes Out and a Man is Down

September 11, 2014

Tweet Man down!  That’s what I thought last night as I approached my friend Joe’s deck, carrying a bag with my little drum and some beers inside. It was an awkward step up, too high, and just before I made it up I felt my knee buckle.  Joe was walking over and saw my leg [...]

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Twelve Years Publishing a Website Has Brought Lessons

September 5, 2014

Tweet I have been publishing GoNOMAD since 2002, twelve years, and I continue to find new intriguing programs and new media to explore and to use to disseminate our travel stories around the web.  The articles that are  submitted have never been better, the quality of the writers who send in their stories is tremendous. [...]

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Automatic Keeps Track of Everything Your Car Does

September 2, 2014

Tweet I’m testing a gadget that’s right in line with all of the talk about using the big stream of data that is generated during our lives to give us valuable information.  This little white plastic gizmo, about 2 1/2″ long, plugs into your car’s computer slot, down below your left leg, lower dashboard.  The [...]

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A Great Day for a Flight Over the Valley

August 29, 2014

Tweet My friend Bruce, who I play music with, promised to take me up for a spin in his plane, so today, with perfect blue skies and light winds, we made it happen. I met him at  his hangar where he keeps his 300 horsepower experimental tw0-seater sport plane at Northampton airport. The plane gleamed [...]

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Dr Gale Potee, A Rich and Full Life, Well-Lived

August 27, 2014

Tweet Obituaries  hold a special interest to me. I read them every day in the Recorder, and I’m always fascinated by how people are remembered and what gets included.  These days, any long obituary that’s not written about a famous person or someone in public life is paid for. So then I think about how [...]

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