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MeetUps Bring People Together for All Sorts of Great Reasons

November 25, 2014

Serendipity brought me something on Facebook that turned into something by email that lead me last night to a group of musicians who play jazz in a Northampton apartment every Monday night. It was a Meet Up ,and I now realize that I have former Vermont Governor Howard Dean to thank for that. I read […]

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Detroit: An American Autopsy, by Charlie LeDuff

November 18, 2014

I picked up a book at Horizon Books in Traverse City. I was amazed to see that this bookstore cafe is open from 7 am til 11 pm Seven Days a Week. Wow!  The book is about a city four and a half hours south, Detroit. And it’s clear from reading just the first few […]

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Sarah Landry Ryder: Keeping It Moving At The Redheads

November 15, 2014

We were touring up the Leelanau peninsula and looking for a place for lunch.  Mike Norton, my local guide, said he had heard about a place with good food and a good reputation. When we got to Lake Leelanau, we swung into The Redheads, a cafe and food emporium run by Sarah Landry Ryder. She’s […]

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Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula: A Day by the Lakes

November 14, 2014

I love discovering new places and today’s excursion onto the Leelanau peninsula outside of Traverse City, Michigan was a fascinating series of discoveries. I never knew about the vast fishery of the Great Lakes and that only native Americans are allowed to fish for chub, whitefish, lake trout and salmon here, nor have I ever […]

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Traverse City Michigan Is My Next Port of Call

November 12, 2014

  As a polar vortex comes barreling out of Canada toward the Midwest, that’s exactly where I am flying tomorrow morning, when I visit Traverse City Michigan for a four-day press visit. Why am I going to this northern Michigan city on the cusp of winter? Because Mike Norton invited me. I’ve been receiving information […]

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A Sister’s Visit with a Georgian Feast

November 9, 2014

  What a weekend!  It was a nonstop fun fest from Friday until Sunday, when our three fantastic house guests my sisters Jenny Brown and Moo came for their annual visit.  I have a hard time describing just what exactly it is–is it energy?  Is it enthusiasm? Is it just this terrific high energy personality […]

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