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Basketball Games So Late That the Next Morning Is Foggy

April 8, 2014

Tweet It’s funny how I notice things that once went unnoticed as I advance in age. Last night I watched the NCAA Men’s basketball finals that didn’t start until 9 pm. We had been invited by a couple we like to come have dinner at their house and watch the game. Later on when our [...]

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A Satisfying Sunday Getting a Lot Done

April 7, 2014

Tweet Today was a satisfying day, one where you could make a list and joyfully cross off each thing you got done. After our bummer winter, everyone like me with a yard is eager to get out there and clean it up. So I groomed the grass and filled three huge garbage cans, then went [...]

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A Long Goodbye in Pittsburgh

April 4, 2014

Tweet Most of the time we avoid thinking about death and funerals.  It’s a topic we’d rather not discuss, but as we get older, more and more deaths occur and have to face them.  This week I traveled a very long way in the car, about nine hours, for three days of grieving, celebrating, and [...]

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James V. Cunningham Sr: He Cared the Most About What Truly Matters

March 31, 2014

Tweet We are in Pittsburgh this week, not to write an article and meet the usual ‘interesting local people,’ but instead to say farewell to a distinguished member of the faculty at Pitt and a community leader named James V. Cunningham Sr who died at 91 on March 28. As I’ve gotten older I have [...]

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Saturday Mornings Bring Memories and Promise

March 29, 2014

Tweet Saturday mornings always feel different than any other morning of the week.  I have a recurring memory that flashes back to me often when I wake up on a sunny Saturday, it takes me back more than 35 years to my first apartment in North Amherst.  I have a gauzy image of myself sitting [...]

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Meeting Face to Face to Talk about Facebook Advertising Today

March 28, 2014

Tweet I”m up early this morning, heading for a rendezvous to meet a friend who will drive us both to Pittsfield. I haven’t been to this city in a long time, and today’s visit is to meet employees of Facebook who will present about how to use their gigantic service for local advertising. Facebook began [...]

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