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Bill Bernhardt Never Reveals He’s a Guide When He Hires One

August 10, 2014

Tweet Our tour of New England’s tippy top continued as we said goodbye to Pittsburg and made our way down blue highways out of the Granite state and up into Vermont’s lakeside town, Newport, on Mephremagog. Before we left we Bill Bernhardt, a fishing guide with Lopstick Outfitters, who makes his living taking visitors out [...]

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Some of the People in New Hampshire’s Far North

August 9, 2014

Tweet We have met many people up here in the far north of New Hampshire, people who as much as anything have adapted and grown to love this giant county so far far away from the rest of the world. Interstate 91 stops at Littleton, about 90 minutes south. That’s quite a dividing line, it’s [...]

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In Coos County NH, Two Moose Crossed Our Path

August 8, 2014

Tweet When we met our host, Karl, here in New Hampshire’s North Country, he told us about the many moose that live in these parts. But he didn’t guarantee we’d see one, even though the sign on the highway warned that “hundreds of accidents” have resulted in people meeting moose with the fronts of their [...]

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Other Desert Cities: Family Secrets and Family Shame

August 1, 2014

Tweet New Century Theatre’s latest production, Other Desert Cities, hits hard. It’s like the worst of awkward family Christmas reunions, and from the very beginning it’s clear that Mom’s claws are still sharp and they can scratch you at any moment. Brooke Wyeth (Cate Damon) is out in Palm Springs, visiting her parents. It’s clear [...]

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Commuter Rail Boosts Property Values

July 31, 2014

Tweet Around the country, many transit agencies are becoming land developers because every time they build a commuter rail system, the houses along the route and especially at the terminus become way more valuable. In a WSJ story yesterday, I read a story by Chelsey Dulaney about how land development is where much of the [...]

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Railroad Progress Moves Along

July 30, 2014

Tweet I watched this giant logging machine chew small sticks and move big logs around by the railroad tracks. The current project adding continuous rail track includes lots of tree removal. This guy had just finished his work and he swung the big six-wheeler right up over the tracks, the 3′ wide tires easily just [...]

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