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The Thick of the Summer, Before the Sleeping Gets Terrible

July 15, 2014

Tweet We’re in the thick of summer, but thankfully, we haven’t gotten into the mugginess and terrible sleeping weather that lies ahead of all of us. I just watched my neighbors walking by, holding a leash and being pulled along by their black mongrel. One of the middle-aged men was shirtless, the other wore a [...]

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Green River Festival Only Gets Better, Even in the Rain

July 14, 2014

Tweet       Another Green River Festival is in the history books, and this one was a great one, different in some ways, but the same in how it captured the essense of summer in the Pioneer Valley. Monte from WRSI said that from the stage, so much of what we all love about [...]

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“The How and the Why” Answers Questions I Never Asked

July 9, 2014

Tweet Tonight I went to see the latest New Century Theatre production at Smith College, “The How and the Why,” by Sarah Treem. It’s a serious play about a mother and daughter who come together for a biology conference and find similarities in their adult lives after the mom gave her daughter up for adoption [...]

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Easthampton’s Co.lab Will Bring Creatives Out of their Silos

July 8, 2014

Tweet Last night a group of men and women who work at home gathered to hear details of a new plan to create a cooperative work space to Easthampton. Organizers Seth Lepore and Sita Magnuson offered their vision of a place that not only provides a place to work for creative types, but a plan [...]

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Summer Vacation in Costume

July 5, 2014


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Have You Got Your Green River Fest Tickets Yet?

July 3, 2014

Tweet   The Green River Festival has been on my calendar for many months. In fact, all throughout the year I make sure that whatever plans I have made for the summer don’t’ get in the way of attending both Saturday and Sunday July 12-13 so as not to miss any of this great event. [...]

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