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My Goals for 2015

December 31, 2014

Here are my goals for 2015 Stay alive.   With a health scare in October I was and am most concerned about being here. I don’t have a life threatening illness, thank God but as with all of you, I just want to survive here for as long as I can!   I have a […]

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You Don’t Find McDonald’s in the Search

December 25, 2014

What is the future of America’s largest restaurant chain?  Times are bleak at McDonald’s, people are confused by the long menus and not inspired by the food. In a story in the WSJ, Julie Jargon interviewed several experts and a millenial about what it would take to get them to eat at McDonald’s. The 30-year […]

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Pallets: The History of An Essential Part of Moving Everything Anywhere

December 20, 2014

We don’t give much thought to the lowly pallet, that piece of southern yellow pine that sits beneath every shipment in every truck and is what everything in every warehouse in the world is sitting on. But today I read a long story about this important part of manufacturing, and how controversial and innovative the […]

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A New Bicycle Highway System Around the US

December 17, 2014

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials today announced that their Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering has approved 1,253 miles of new U.S. Bicycle Routes (USBRs): USBR 1 in Massachusetts and Florida, USBR 10 in Michigan, USBR 11 in Maryland, and USBR 90 in Florida. Realignments were also approved for USBR 76 and […]

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Navigating the Massachusetts Health Care Maze for 2015

December 14, 2014

I spent four and a half hours in the hospital on Friday, but I wasn’t sick at all.  No, it was because I needed their assistance to navigate and figure out my options for health insurance in 2015.  You no doubt have seen the ads, and heard the many news stories about how my health […]

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Interstate 91 Changed the Valley Like Nothing Else Ever Has

December 5, 2014

In 1919, after World War I, the army wanted to test out its fleet of vehicles to see what they needed to improve.  They created a three-mile long caravan of trucks, jeeps and soldiers, plus a marching band, and set off across the US. The roads were ridiculously bed, and on one day they collapsed […]

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