Month: June 2007

Patagonia Cowboy

Moneda Palace Santiago Chile

Holy Smokes we will miss you

This is Lou Ekus a few months back when he was at his best. Lou and his wife and son ran the valleys best barbecue restaurant, Holy Smokes. Last week it went up in flames. I stopped by… Read More

Valentina the flying Korean

My friends Joe and Elena came over the studio today for a family portrait. Their daughter, Valentina, had a little excess energy so we let her jump it out.

No Tip, Miss Florence Diner.

Marina Chatzipetrou, a delightful waitress at the land mark,  Miss Florence Diner, received this little love note from a customer yesterday. It reads “Not Sociable, no personality, sorry we showed up, no tip”. “How lovely, next time I… Read More

The eyes have it

John Allen,King of the Undieworld

Copenhagen Canals

Hotel 27 Copenhagen

Twisted Torso restaurant, Malmo Sweden

I shot this at the Twisted Torso restaurant in Sweden last week. It was an educated grab shot. I placed the camera on my table , zone focused and framed the shot from what I have learned my… Read More

Tivoli Garden Copenhagen

Scandinavian blondes have more fun

Jessica Jonsson from the Malmo tourisim board insisted it was a myth that most woman were blond in the Oresund region of Denmark and Sweden. Maybe she was right , but it sure seemed to me that they… Read More

Copenhagen street life and the best hotdog in the world

Copenhagen street life is vibrant. Outdoor cafes and bars, music and dance performers and an incredibly diverse flow of people from all over the world. They love their beer in Denmark and in my humble opinion have developed… Read More

Absolut Ice Bar Copenhagen

I just got back from Copenhagen yesterday, and I am already Itching to go back. It was a great trip to country that really has its act together. I’ll be posting images for the next week from the… Read More

Greetings fom Copenhagen

Just arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark today with Max. This is a beautiful city. Bicycles rule the road. Cars will stop but the bikes won’t. Maybe it’s all the strong coffee that all the beautiful blond people are drinking…. Read More

Martin Espada, City of Glass

Martin Espada is one of our nations great poets. We are lucky to have him as a resident of the “Happy Valley”. I was honored to photograph him recently up at my studio. To reach his home page… Read More

Kids: why die for oil,car,nuke kings, greed and profit?

“One way that the US Congress can stop the war in Iraq is to pass a “Truth For the Troops Act,” which would require military recruiters to stop lying to American kids who want to serve their country… Read More