Month: October 2007

Happy Halloween from Belize

I shot this earlier in the year in Old Belize at Cucumber beach. seemed appropriate for the day. Happy Halloween to all.

Greenland Cod fishing

This is Bo Ling the skipper of the boat Sirius in Sisimiut Greenland. He is great guy that I had the honor of spending a day with a few months ago. Here is a link to my new… Read More

Travel tribulations

I love babies, love them. But when there are over forty of them on an eighteen hour flight to Taiwan and they all go off at once, well lets just say ones patience is drawn thin. Yesterday was… Read More

Al Bruno Messing with the Mob

Al Bruno. I’ve been looking through my files for possible inclusion in a film about photography and came upon this shot of Springfield Mob Boss, Big Al Bruno. I had gotten a tip from a friend and was… Read More

Carlos Nuzman

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of working for the Brazilian Olympic Committee to photograph the induction of their President, Carlos Nuzman to the Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke MA. It was a fabulous two day event,… Read More

Drinking Mexico

This is a true story. Some years back I was photographing at the market in Merida, in the Yucatan, Mexico.I had sat down to eat a few tacos and made the acquaintance of three gentlemen: The taco stand… Read More

Costa Rica

Ecuador:The photographer’s dilemma.

This is a photograph that has haunted me. During the street fighting with police and demonstrations for a change of government in Ecuador in 2000, I had been hanging with a group of young boys who where doing… Read More

Ecuador’s new President

Ecuador has elected a new leftist president, Rafael Correa. The final tally of votes may take weeks , but he has already declared victory. According to a Voice of America report ” Rafael Quintero of Central university of… Read More