Month: September 2008

Sarah Palin , kiss my antlers!

I added my own comment to this photo I found on The daily Mail. Thanks to the photographer, and the Moose……. I hope they approve.

The Nowhere world

This is the Nowhere world of the Hadley Mall . Empty space , designed to make you uncomfortable and force you inside to shop.

Al Giordano, Valley Advocate, going gonzo

This is a story about working with Al Giordano I just wrote for the 35th anniversary of the Valley Advocate.It is an important edition of the paper with great insight into what it means to run a free… Read More

Rachel Maddow will rule the world

I had taken this portrait of Rachel Maddow off my blog because people were ripping it off at an alarming rate, up loading it, and using it to link to there own web sites. Come on people! But… Read More

TV Diner with Billy Costa comes to Sylvester’s in Northampton

I went out to lunch today with my old friend Nan Fleming at Sylvester’s restaurant in Northampton, MA, and by chance the NECN television show, TV diner was scheduled to shoot and we end up sitting right next… Read More

Alsaka Women Reject Palin

The mainstream media does not always give us the whole truth and the following is a good example why we need the Democracy of the blog. Palins homecoming gathering got all the attention on Sept 11th but a… Read More

Sarah Palin blunders during ABC interview

Sarah Palin tried to fake her way through her first interview with Charlie Gibson On ABC News tonight. I will agree to disagree with her on the issues that she does take a clear stand on but when… Read More

No Smoking Butt head

Butt head is my anti smoking self portrait of when I was a smoker. I just did a new studio shot of him to submit to a contest. His creation was an act of love and desperation. I… Read More

Amy Goodman arrested covering RNC protests

Amy Goodman and two Democracy Now producers were unlawfully arrested at the RNC Convention today. This is outrageous. Here is a link to the video and more information on what can be done to help Amy.Earlier in the… Read More