Month: November 2008

Getting a head in food photography

He’s got the whole world in his hands

Sam Ostroff, Metal worker extraordinaire, reaches out to guide his new creation, The New Years Eve ball onto the roof of the Hotel Northampton. Check out Salmon studios to see more of his work.

World rhythm, Tony Vacca.


Shelly Rotner should be more careful about who she hangs around with. If you rub elbows with the Nomad team you are bound to end up in one, (or two) of our blogs. After the Obama Election in… Read More

Is Rachel Maddow a secret Muslim?

This is a tricky one. I mean just look at the way she naturally wrapped her head in an American flag during a studio photo session I had with her her. Very suspicious. Did you see the interview… Read More

Santiago de Compostela

Senator John Kerry

Reflections of Taiwan

I am finally getting into my Taiwan photos as I write the story about my recent trip there. This little gem was taken while waiting for the new high speed train in Taipei.

The celebration just won’t stop

Chris O’Connor, overwhelmed by the Obama victory calls himself on the phone from the Paradise City Tavern on election eve.


Everyone was whooping it up at the Paradise City Tavern in Northampton last night. What a night.


This is my cover photo on the Valley Advocate this week. We have all been waiting for this day for a long long time. Tonight I am going over to the paradise city tavern to watch the results,… Read More