Month: December 2009

Community Meeting on Northampton Arson.

Yesterdays meeting about the arson fires was packed with over 500 residents from all over Northampton. People are scared, looking for answers and someway to protect themselves. As the mayor said this was not a meeting to solve… Read More

It can happen here.The Northampton arson fires

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.Snow covered yesterdays sins with a clean new white coat .In the afternoon the sun appeared melting it all away revealing a town recovering from a bad burn, still sensitive to… Read More

Arson fires Northampton

Northampton had 11 arson fires last night. Two of my neighbors are dead , many are homeless and we are all tense .I walked through Glenn Siegel’s house with him and the building inspector today the first time… Read More

Psycho Santa speaks

Psycho Santa speaks, “remember shoppers, only 364 days left until next Christmas!”

How to make the perfect Caipirinha

Toilet Art

Photo lesson #1219. Major Household plumbing disasters are wonderful photo opportunities.

At the Altar of the Bottom Line: The Degradation of Work in the 21st Century

This is the cover of my new book hot off the press that I worked on with author and labor Professor Tom Juravich. Tom was the driving force behind this project that was funded in part by the… Read More

Greenlands melting Ice cap

This is Ilulissat Greenland. Al Gore arrived at the climate summit in Copenhagen today to present a new report that the Greenland ice cap as well as other snow and ice covered regions of the world are “disappearing… Read More

Copenhagen Climate Clown

Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities on the planet. I traveled there with Max from a year ago where I shot this picture in Tivoli Gardens. I wish I could be there now during the Climate… Read More

First snow

First Snow.This Frozen Pink Flamingo is the marker of the grave of Fred, the greatest cat to have ever walked the earth. A friend of mine who spoke at his funeral many years ago said ,” there will… Read More

The dead march to protest the war

Members of the Northampton committee to stop the war staged a march of the dead today to protest the Afghanistan surge. It was a somber event. So many of us had hoped that Obama would be different. That… Read More

My Kitchen in Spain

Spain is on the top of my food list. A few years ago on a culinary tour of Bilbao I met cook book author Janet Mendel. She humbled me with her knowledge of Spanish cuisine. She has just… Read More