Month: April 2010

Taipei 101

This is the elevator that takes you two the elevator that takes you to the top of the worlds 2nd tallest building. It was cloudy that day so here is a link to Taipei 101 to get a… Read More

Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe

The shanghai acrobatic troupe put on an awe inspiring show. Some of the things they do seem impossible.  Flying through the air, balancing spinning plates, and twisting their bodies into shapes that leave the audience wondering if they… Read More

Taiwan Foot Massage

Taiwanese are obsessed by foot massages. . At KinRaku massage parlor in Taipei your feet soak in a tea bath as you sit in plush leather chairs watching a flat screen TV. Then the  foot carnage begins. This… Read More

NanMen Market.Taiwan

NanMen Taipei like markets around the world is a window into a culture. It is vast, orderly, clean and everyone is friendly. Taiwan is like that. It is full of some of the coolest stuff  I have… Read More

2010 Shanghai Expo

Shanghai blows your mind. It is in a state of perpetual growth On the streets and highways endless crowds crisscross each other in an impossible ballet of constant physical and cultural near misses. Everything is in motion. At… Read More

Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai


The Face Of China

Nanjing on the Silk road in China

Back to Longshan

Kiss my translation

On the streets of Taipei

The Ferran Adrià effect. Turning wine into water

The following is an excerpt from my new story, “Eating Galicia: stalking the wild tapas of Santiago de Copmostesla” to read the full story follow this LINK “When Ferran Adrià speaks…the food world perks up its collective ears,… Read More