Month: November 2010

Iron Bowl Alabama- Auburn football game, it’s all about the fans

Birmingham Alabama; The Alabama Auburn football game was quite a spectacle. Over 100,000 fans packed into the stadium. It was cold and loud and I loved every second of it. The Fans are really into football here in… Read More

Sunset in Santa Cruz Chile

Santa Cruz Chile. I have no idea what kind of plant this is but it fascinated me as I was at the Santa Cruz vineyards in Chile last month. If you know, please get in touch.

Live United

UNITED WAY, ADVANCING THE COMMON GOOD. “When Michael Morin and Tracey Hamilton of J. Rich Clothing for Men give to the United Way, low-income parents will get new warm winter coats for their growing children. And, Michael and… Read More

Conger eels Santiago Chile

Conger eels are delicious. They have a firm flesh similar to monk fish and were one of my favorite things on the menu in Chile. I shot this in the central market in Santiago.

Saran Wrap Man restores faith in a free America

Saran wrap man. Walking down main street in Springfield MA, I found this man next to a bar tied up a few feet off the ground with saran wrap to a telephone pole. On him were written the… Read More

Where to stay in Santiago Chile, Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel.

I stayed in the Meridiano Sur, Petit Hotel for two nights last week in Santiago. Located in Providencia, the heart of a cool section of the city with plenty of street life and restaurants. It is only two… Read More

Norton Juster Interview, Preview Massachusetts.

Norton Juster Keeps Writing By Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser Photography by Paul Shoul The Phantom Tollbooth is considered part and parcel of childhood for so many kids. Reaching its fiftieth anniversary in 2011, both an annotated edition and a… Read More