Month: August 2011

norway fising in alesund mackerel and saithe

Norway: Fishing the Fjord in Alesund

  In the small town of Alesund in western Norway, my writer Max and I boarded Kjell Olson’s small boat to head out for a few hours of fishing in one of Norway’s legendary fjords. “We have to… Read More

sunflower photo after hurricane Irene northampton Ma

After Irene

After 2 days of rain from hurricane Irene  it’s nice to have the sun out again. So I made a simple photograph. Ingredients: sunflower, white paper, sunlight. 8/29/11 Northampton, MA.  

oslo flower memorial detail front door city cathedral

Norway attacks: Oslo flower memorial

A detail from the front door of the Oslo city cathedral flower memorial for the victims of the recent attacks . 8/18/11

polar bear rugs bergen norway

Norway’s Secret Polar Bear Room

In the city of ***** in Norway, there is  a secret room. In his street level store, ***** sells fur coats and jackets, seal skins, wolf and fox. They are beautiful, and look soft and warm. He seems… Read More

Norwegian seagull alesund

Portrait of a Norwegian Seagull

Everything is better in Norway. The ocean are teaming with fish. The mountains are majestic, the fjords are dramatic and the people are all beautiful. Even the  Norwegian seagulls have a stately presence about them, like this one… Read More

Norway Alesund

Alesund Norway 8/21/11

Alesund, Norway 8/21/11

brian fery at the jugendfest music festival alesund norway

Bryan Ferry Jugendfest Alesund Norway

Bryan Ferry played the Jugendfest music festival in the  small town of Alesund, Norway tonight 8/19/11. This town is set within some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery on the planet, but when Ferry took the stage,… Read More

Norway mourns the attacks. Oslo flower memorial grows again.

The effect of the  shootings and bombing in Norway still ripple through this country. It has forced a national self reflection about who they are as a people. For many here, their answer is to respond  to the… Read More

Travis Best

Basketball Hall of Fame 2011 enshrinement after party at Mama Iguana’s in Springfield MA with Charles Barkley Travis Best James Duckett and Grammy winner Brian Michael Cox

The Basketball Hall of fame 2011 enshrinement after party at Mama Iguana’s in Springfield, MA last night was a star studded affair with all the trimmings you would expect. Grammy winner Brian-Michael Cox was pumping out the tunes… Read More

verizon strikers in northampton,MA 8/11/11

Verizon workers on strike in Northampton,MA

Over 45,000 Verizon workers around the country have been on strike for job security and a fair contract. In Northampton, MA, strikers and their supporters maintained a picket line outside of the Verizon offices on 61 Masonic Street…. Read More

summer light northampton MA

Northampton Summer Light

Northampton summer light