Month: October 2011

Almagro Spain

Street life Almagro Spain

Almagro is a classic old Spanish town. Comfortable, incredibly scenic with a healthy street life and an ample cast of old characters.  One such local hero rode around the town with his best friend, a small puppy on… Read More

cuenca spain the view from the parador


Stuck in my room at the Parador Cuenca in Spain, I am probably missing one of the great meals of my life.Before I left the good old USA, I stopped by my regular newspaper spot in my home… Read More

Norway fjord landscape in sunlight and clouds

Norway in a Nutshell

Here is a link to Max Hartshornes  new story , “Seeing Norway’s Fjord lands buy bus ,train and ferry” on Max and I traveled there recently and it was spectacular. This is just the first in a… Read More

occupy northampton protest against wall street © paul shoul

Occupy Northampton

The occupy Northampton rally against Wall Street yesterday in front of the Bank of America  drew a constant stream of people throughout the day. It was peaceful and gauging from the amount cars and trucks honking in support,… Read More

fuck the rich sign at anti wall street protest at UMass Amherst

Occupy Wall Street protests spread to the Pioneer Valley

  The occupy wall street protests have spread to the pioneer valley. Today a group of students and faculty at the University of Massachusetts  marched on campus to express their anger with an unjust America. Future actions are… Read More

12-mile-meal-winner Eclips restaurant

The 12 Mile Meal Celebrity Chef Throw Down at the Northampton Jazz Festival slide show

The 12 Mile Meal Celebrity Chef Throw Down at the Northampton Jazz Festival on Saturday featured three two person chef teams from local restaurants; Spoleto, Fitzwilly’s and the winner of the event Eclipse. All of the food used… Read More