Month: November 2011

northampton ma truck eating bridge

Northampton’s famous Truck Eating Bridge eats another one

Northampton’s famous truck eating bridge got another one this morning. The driver, according to police on the scene, was from Massachusetts. This is not the best collision I have seen; one truck made it all the way under… Read More

Hillary Price and Kelsy Flynn on the cover of Preveiw Mass magazine for their play Santacide


This is my new cover of Preview magazine with the hilarious duo of Hillary Price ( Rhymes with Orange) and Kelsy Flynn, ( pregnant human maker). Judging by how much fun we had at the shoot, their new… Read More

tobias Gustavsson head chef cooking at Tjuvholem Sjomagasin resturaunt Oslo Norway

Tjuvholem Sjomagasin Restaurant Oslo Norway

Tjuvholem Sjomagasin returaunt Olso Tobias Gustavsson, the Swedish born head chef of Tjuvholem Sjomagasin restaurant, and Bjørn Tore Furset the owner of this and 7 other restaurants in Oslo sat down to talk during the calm before the… Read More

occupy Amherst-1, 11-17-11

Occupy Amherst a Day of Action 11-17-11

    During a day of action around the world on the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street action, A group of 200 people marched from The University of Massachusetts to Amherst Center. The group briefly… Read More

Children playing out side of the Cathedral de los Santos Ninos Jysto y Pastor de Alcala Henares

Cathedral of los Santos Niños Justo y Pastor de Alcalá de Henares Spain

Children playing outside of the Cathedral de los Santos Ninos Jysto y Pastor de Alcala Henares. The medieval center of Alcala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also home to one of Spain’s fantastic Paradores.

Travelpro 24"expandable rollaboard suiter in Spain

Travelpro Crew 8 Luggage, A Road Test Review.

Road Test Review: Travel Pro’s Expandable Rollaboard Suiter By Paul Shoul We all know that the world is not flat, but when you travel as much as we do at you find out just how rough and… Read More

Andau bridge fishing at the river on the border of Austria and Hungary

The Bridge of Andau Burgenland Austria

The bridge of Andau spanning the canal at the border between Austria and Hungary, is a small wooden structure over which 70,000 refuges escaped during the Hungarian revolution in 1956. Today you can cross  freely. It is frequented… Read More

nuns walking in Toledo Spain

Nuns on the Run

Nuns on the run in Toledo Spain.

almagro plaza mayor a conversation in spain

Almagro Spain.The Conversation

A simple conversation in The Plaza Mayor of Almagro, represents to me the pace of life I keep coming back to Spain for. No billboards or flashing neon signs or people occupying the same space yet staring into… Read More

Northampton Mayor elect David Narkewicz and his wife Yelena Bill Dwight and incumbent Jesse Adams

Narkewicz Wins Northampton Mayor’s Race

( From Image: David Narkewicz and his wife Yelena Mikich,  City council Incumbent Jesse Adams and Bill Dwight. NORTHAMPTON — It’s official — City Council President David Narkewicz will be the city’s 44th mayor. The 45-year-old former… Read More


This is the view from the balcony of the Parador Toledo. The capital of the  autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, it is a spectacular ancient city and the Parador across the river is a destination in and of… Read More

reflection in an upside down glass of wine in toledo spain

Drinking from the bottom of a glass of Spanish wine.

A week after the October snow storm that devastated my area of Massachusetts, I finally had time to down load my images from a tour of Paradores in Spain I was on the week before the storm. I… Read More

This is a live wire. Storm Recovery in Western MA.

By any standard, this has been one hell of a week in Western Ma. The rare October snow storm that caused wide spread power failures for millions of people in the Northeast downed thousands of trees and left… Read More