Month: January 2012

shadow and bottle still life northampton ma

Pomeroy Still Life.

A friend of mine and his 8 (and 3/4) year old daughter have been staying with me. When she came in for the first time, she said, “wow I am going to make a list of every cool… Read More

Cuenca Spain a woman hangs laundry to dry in the morning sunlight

Good Morning Cuenca

A woman hangs her laundry to dry in the morning sunlight in the historic walled city of Cuenca, Spain.

aging in place seniors safe at home elderly hazard cone heads

Aging in Place Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

Elderly parents reach a time in life when the everyday things that they took for granted in their home become a potential hazard. Stairways and even the kitchen are now fraught with danger. Keeping seniors safe needs some… Read More

D K Bhaskar getting a trim at the barber Carrasco in Toboso by Rodrigas Manuel

The Barber of El Toboso

The small town of El Toboso located in the Province of Toledo in central Spain, is where the character Dulcinea, the woman whom Don Quixtoe loved in Miguel Cervantes famous book. Although a work of fiction, the places… Read More

Windmills of spain in castilla la mancha the route of don quixote

The Windmills of Spain

The Windmills of Spain in La Mancha, on the route of Don Quixote.

skateboarder in plaza de cervatentes alcala de henares spain

Skateboarding in Spain

Skateboarders come out at dusk in the Plaza De Cervantes,  Alcala’ de Henares Spain.  

austria biking woman in raiding burgenland

Biking in Burgenland Austria

Biking in Burgenland, Austria’s eastern most province, is a joy.  It is flat, blessed with sunshine most of the year, and scenic views as you glide through farmland and endless vineyards. From The Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park on… Read More