Thailand Coup

May 22, 2014

Tweet This image is from Thailand in the Royal Palace in Bangkok 2012. I loved traveling there, just as has every other traveler I know who has been lucky enough to make the trip. I send good wishes and support out to the Thai people after the Military Coup that was executed today. The whole […]

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Hadley Asparagus

May 12, 2014

Tweet Finally, the Asparagus are here. For me, their arrival is the defining point in the year when winter is truly over, and the bounty of spring begins. These are from my favorite farm stand, Alligator Brook Farm on rt. 47,  in Hadley, Ma, the “Asparagus Capital of the World.”

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ACLU reunites family, in broader challenge to immigration detention

May 6, 2014

Tweet ACLU immigration client Richard Gordon reunites with his family. For more information on the work the American Civil Liberties Union is doing to help people held under Mandatory Immigration detention, without the oppertunity to post bond, go to this link- ACLU

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Preview Massachusetts. May 2014 India House cover

May 1, 2014

Tweet Here is this months cover I did for preview Massachusetts Magazine from the India House restaurant in Northampton MA. Follow this link to read the full issue on line.

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Maple Corner Farm, Granville, MA.

April 2, 2014

Tweet Yesterday I shot for CISA, (community involved in sustaining agriculture) out at the Maple Corner Farm in Granville MA. What a spot. The Ripley family  has been farming continuously since 1812. Outside of the sugar shack where I made this image, stood the large iron reducing pots of Leon Ripley’s father. Inside the wood […]

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Rachel Maddow on OZY

March 31, 2014

Tweet I have watched media change and the bumbling efforts by the main stream to change with it. It’s exciting to see something like OZY that embraces the new reality of news. OZY promises to be “Smarter, Fresher, Different.” Well they obviously have the smarter end of the equation down because they are using my […]

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Cell Phone Soldier, Colombia.

March 30, 2014

Tweet The cell phone soldier, Bogota Colombia, 2013.

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Seeing the light. Photography at UMass Health Services

March 20, 2014

Tweet Now and then I get a client that wants me to push the limits and come up with interesting images. Kudos to Communications & Marketing Director Karen Dunbar Scully whom I have been working with at Umass. I have been shooting various departments for them, and we took what could have been a rather […]

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Rebecca Guay Interview, Preview Mass.

March 17, 2014

Tweet What a pleasure it was to meet artist and illustrator Rebecca Guay. Her house is somewhat like a painting, the light was fantastic. Follow this LINK to Read her interview in Preview Massachusetts magazine by James Heflin

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Frances Crowe’s 95th Birthday with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now

March 11, 2014

Tweet I I just came back from the 95th birthday celebration for the unstoppable peace activist Frances Crowe, hosted at Umass by Amy Goodman of Democracy now. Frances was glowing. It felt good to be in a packed house, all there for the same reasons. To give recognition to Francis, hear Amy dish out the […]

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Bela Restaurant Preview

March 9, 2014

Tweet Here is a LINK to Mark Roessler’s, and my Preview Massachusetts review of Bela vegetarian restaurant in Northampton MA.

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Chaa Creek Belize

February 21, 2014

Tweet A guide at Chaa Creek in Belize tends to the lodges organic garden. As one of the first Belizean Rainforest  Eco lodges, Cha Creek has delighted visitors since 1981 with luxurious thatched roof accommodations and  fantastic food in a wild jungle setting. For more info on how to visit here go to :

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Victorinox Swiss Army, Swiss Tool Spirit Review

February 5, 2014

Tweet   As a traveler and a photographer I work in environments from jungle rivers to editorial and commercial photo shoots. Where ever I go, I always have a multi tool in my kit. It is as necessary to me as my passport. My newest addition is the Swiss Tool Spirit from Victorinox Although the […]

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Hu Ke Lau-Preview Mass.

January 31, 2014

Tweet I love the Hu Ke Lau restaurant in Chicopee Mass. Hula dancers, comedians, and huge scorpion bowl drinks filled with a quart mix of every booze known to human kind. The food is great. I spent  some time in the  gigantic kitchens, busy places pumping out modern Asian cuisine, along with my old time […]

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Top Ten Photos 2013

January 17, 2014

Tweet Check out my gallery on of my top ten photos for 2013

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Preview Mass-The Blue Heron

January 16, 2014

Tweet   Check out  the January issue of Preview mag.

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Jang Song Thaek Starving Dog Food

January 4, 2014

Tweet I just could not help myself.

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Victorinox Spectra 26″ Travel Case

December 29, 2013

Tweet Victorinox, maker of the famous Swiss Army knives, is a brand the world has come to expect great things from. Their Spectra line of luggage continues a tradition of rugged well built products designed to make your life easier and more secure. I have spent a little time with the Spectra 2.0 26″ travel […]

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Obama Selfies with Jang Song Thaek Surface

December 13, 2013

Tweet What strange worlds we live in. The hubbub over the Obama selfie taken at Nelson Mandela’s funeral became the headline of the day, ripe fruit to dig into by a public obsessed with photographing themselves. Across the globe, the young North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman’s pal, executed his uncle Jang Song […]

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El Secreto; Ambergris Caye, Belize

December 8, 2013

Tweet El Secreto is a luxury hotel on the beach in Ambergris Caye in Belize. Thatched roof rooms all come with their own iPod to run the electronics hidden behind the rustic decor. The food is first class. Massage, snorkeling, a great bar, a pillow menu, and an endless beach make this a great get […]

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“And God Said” Ernie’s garage, Northampton, MA.

December 5, 2013

Tweet I found this film I made in 2010 of an Orthodox Jew I met outside of Ernie’s Garage in Northampton. We made a deal, If he would let me take his picture, then I would let him him wrap me in the Tefillin.  Oy vey….

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Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve-Belize

December 4, 2013

Tweet The Hidden valley inn and Reserve is located on 7,200 acres of preserved wilderness in the Maya mountains of Belize. It is not what you would expect in a country known for beach life and the worlds 2nd largest barrier reef.  1,000 ft waterfalls,, jungle trails,  and incredibly diverse wildlife exist in a vast […]

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Charlie Rubio is a Real Man

November 25, 2013

Tweet Charlie Rubio is a real man. That’s what I concluded recently while we were swimming together with the sharks in Belize. Either on his new travel TV show scheduled to be broadcast on Fox TV in Mexico, or on his radio shows, Charlies dynamic and honest personality shines through. ” What you see is […]

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When Photos Collide

November 15, 2013

Tweet When photos collide: Alabama and Spain.

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Scorpion Under Glass, Belize.

November 13, 2013

Tweet Lydia grabbed me by the arm and hurried me down the path to her room.” Come with me, you have to see this!”.

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Belize: Workers in Paradise

November 11, 2013

Tweet Behind the the five star resorts around the world are the legions of workers arising before dawn, cleaning up paradise.

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San Antonio, Belize. Children on the Road to School

November 8, 2013

Tweet   On the road to Hidden Valley Inn and reserve in Belize I spent a few hours in San Antonio, a small village of 1000 Mopan Maya.I photographed these children on the road to school.   Flying to Belize? Fly Avianca  

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Swimming with Nurse Sharks in Belize

November 7, 2013

Tweet   Looking over the edge of our boat in the Hol Chan Marine reserve, our guide is tossing sardines off the side. From the depths, a group of 8ft nurse sharks gathers fighting for the bait. Everything in my mind and body screams “don’t jump in, this is crazy!” but the guide has taken […]

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A moment in time: Working Belize

November 1, 2013

Tweet A moment in time. A man at work in Belize sits in his truck  in a small town having lunch when the mad photographer appears out of nowhere draped in cameras asking politely if I may take his portrait. ” Yes my friend he says, are you on Facebook?”

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Welcome to Belize, Jungle living in comfort at Chaa Creek

October 31, 2013

Tweet It’s morning in Belize and life is good at Chaa Creek, a luxury eco lodge deep in the jungle of Belize. The food is great the rooms are spacious and there is lots to do at this special place. Last night I was guided through the rainforest to check out the creatures of the […]

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