What Time Is It in Cancun? One Hour Later

by admin on January 27, 2015

Cancun Changes Time Zone to Take Advantage of Extra Hour

 As of February 1, Cancun will be treating tourists to one more hour of fun, culture and beautiful beaches, as the state of Quintana Roo officially changes time zones from Central Standard Time (CST) to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

After more than two years of efforts by the state government and several hotel owners in Cancun, on December 4, 2014 the Mexican government gave the green light to change Quintana Roo’s time zone.

“Cancun is excited to welcome this time change, which will allow our visitors to take advantage of one more hour in our beautiful destination,” said Jesus Almaguer, CEO of the Cancun CVB. “The added sunlight should also generate reductions in electricity use for hotels and restaurants in the area, which aligns with Cancun’s turquoise conservation initiative.”

This time change will mean the destination will gain added sunlight each day, which according to hoteliers and service providers in Cancun, will result in economic benefits, as tourists will enjoy extra time on the beaches, consume more at restaurants and cafes, and spend longer time in parks and excursions found in and around the destination.

This change will strengthen Cancun’s competitiveness with other tourism destinations in the Caribbean that run on EST including the Bahamas, Cuba and Jamaica. This will also allow an improvement in air connectivity to various airports in Canada and the U.S., specifically Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Miami, which are some of Cancun’s biggest markets. Change to EST will also result in the same time zone as eight Canadian airports and 22 in the U.S., which will reduce time for flight connections and make Cancun an even more convenient destination.


My First Visit to Lorraine

by admin on January 26, 2015

St Remy church in Baccarat

St Remy church in Baccarat

It makes me feel old to say this, but I remember the first time I drove into France as an adult. The year was 1988, and we had  flown into Stuttgart, Germany and we crossed the border into the region of Lorraine France. At dinner one night, we got to talking  to the owner of the little cafe, as he served us some tiny fruits. “Mirabelle,” he said. “they only grow here, in Lorraine.” I have never been served this little piquant fruit again but I never forgot that Lorraine is where I first tried them.

We drove around Lorraine and there were two towns that I vividly remember. The first was Verdun, where we walked up massive steps of their World War One memorial. The name Verdun is synonymous with trench warfare, mass casualties, and the use of poison gas during the terrible war. But today it’s a pretty town to visit and a highlight of the region of Lorraine. Nearby is Baccarat where there was once a hospital built to treat those gas victims.

The other city in Lorraine we visited back in the late ’80s was Baccarat. When I first arrived in the town I only associated it with the name of a game that my grandfather used to play sometimes. Visiting it I was surprised to know that the city has basically nothing to do with the game of baccarat itself but it offers history and some interesting attractions.

Sadly, though the small town is home to the maker of the famous crystal, the population has been declining and now stands about 2000 fewer residents than in 1962. When we were there, in early summer, the town’s famous flowers were in bloom making for a lovely town center. The town has been awarded three flowers by the National Council on Towns and Villages in Bloom, a noted distinction.

The town’s Musee du Cristal shows off Baccarat’s famous heritage, with four rooms full of jewelry, tableware, lighting, decorations all glittering crystal. It’s not a big impressive museum, but if you like the sparkle of crystal you’ll be in heaven. The museum is located at 20 rue de Cristalleries 54120 Baccarat. Tel : 03 83 76 61 37. Admission is 2.50 euros.

The other top attraction in Baccarat is the church of St Remy built in the 1950s. The church is located on the site of an ancient church that sadly was blown up in 1944 during the war Though the outside may look like a futuristic aircraft carrier with its soaring modern spire, there is pretty Baccarat stained glass inside that’s definitely worth a look. .



A Two-Nation Vacation on a Small Ship this Summer

January 15, 2015

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I Took My Parents to Italy

January 8, 2015

It began with a loan.  My parents were kind to me when I told them back in 2002 that I wanted to buy a travel website.  They sent me a check to help me pay for it and then a few years later, it turned into my full time job.  I owed these wonderful people […]

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Cuba: You May Be Ready but The Country Is Not–Yet Anyway

December 29, 2014

Like everyone, we were thrilled with President Obama’s decision to normalize relations in Cuba.  So in the forseeable future you might be able to legally visit this intriguing nation. But sadly there are still lots of barriers to a visit, that until changed make Cuba unlike any other country in the region. From our friends […]

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Free Inroom Internet Access: Just Become a Starwood Preferred Guest Member!

December 17, 2014

Complimentary Internet is Latest Benefit for Members Who Book Through Starwood Channels Online or Via the SPG App  Booking Via SPG.com Allows Travel Pros to Extend Access to SPG Clients  Staying reliably connected to the world while on the road – whether for business or pleasure – is vital to today’s modern traveler. In recognition […]

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