Travora Presents the Swiss Army Knife of Travel Apps

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The Travora app is a one-stop shop for finding critical information about travel destinations.  At first glance you can compare exchange rates, current weather, and the time of day of several locations at once.  For any given city you can find recommendations for where to sleep, eat, see, and party!  What makes this application a good one is the consolation of information.  It’s the Swiss Army Knife of travel apps.

The section on language and common phrases helps keeps things clear so you can understand the locals.  There is a download section to help find applications that will help better find your way around the city, or that the locals might use.  For example, the London Pub Crawl application finds four nearby pubs based on your location.

The What To Wear section gives tips on the latest fashions in specific locations to help pick trendy choices for your trip.   I especially like the What To Buy section which suggests good keepsakes to remember the places you visit.   The Travora Intel tells where to buy any item you find.  Other current information Travora helps one find are suggestions on local movies, televisions, music.  Book suggestions are also provided that reference the location of interest in both nonfiction and fictional works.

The extras more so than the basics make this a must have application for your travels.  While the information on the hotels and restaurants gives one quick suggestions, it doesn’t give the traveler all the information they may need at a glance.  For example when searching for a hotel it’s necessary to click the Book A Reservation link in order to get the specific location of a hotel and additional information needed to assess the quality of the hotel.

Speed and ease are emphasized over exhaustive information.

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