Rail Travel: Our Latest ebook Compilation of Stories about Railroad Journeys

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Rail TravelOur Newest ebook is about Rail Travel!   Our eighteeth ebook is out,

Our Plane Reader series presents a new book to enjoy while on the train!  Rail Travel is a new collection of travel articles about traveling by rail around the world.

Is there any more romantic way to travel than by railroad? Whether it’s the clackity clack of steel wheels on the tracks, or that exquisite moment when the train begins rolling and you settle back in your comfy seat, real travelers know that trains are a great way to travel. This collection of 23 stories covers railroad travel all over the world, with stunning photos on every page.

On a train, you get to see a lot more than if you traveled by plane, car, or boat. The Rail Travel Plane Reader lets you read about traveling by trains of all types, all over the world. Visit the great temples in Delhi, India, ride on top of the front caboose in Ecuador, venture from Mongolia to Germany on the Trans-Siberian Railway, or plan your trip across Europe using Eurail.

There is no better way to see the world-renowned scenic views of New Zealand than in the seat of one of the countryís scenic railway companies or see the vastness of the Grand Canyon from the Amtrak Observation cars of the California Zephyr. Whether you are traveling by Metrorail in Cape Town or to Fairyland in Austria, the Railroad Travel Plane Reader will get you excited about your upcoming trip by rail.

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