To Granville, with a Discounted Ferry and Cheap Hotel too!

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It was a great day for a road trip to France from our home base in London.  I thought it would fun to take the ferry from Dover to Calais, first seeing those pretty white cliffs, and then getting a chance for a first-class lunch complete with some delicious French wine. Or maybe I’d have some of the great Norman cider in a roadside cafe.

The tides at Granville, France that stretch out for nearly a mile. Max Hartshorne photo.

The tides at Granville, France, in Normandy, where they go way, way out.

But before we could begin hearing the dulcet tones of French and seeing those famous Plane trees in our rear view mirror, we needed to find a few ways to save.  So we hit the web on our phones and went to find travel discounts online.

At this time of year, we Brits get a little pasty, since our winters are cold and grey.  France is the perfect tonic to restore our joie de vivre with all of the pretty scenery and sunshine. A small vibrant city like Granville (pictured) is about as fun a weekend destination as anyone could every find! The website we found, my vouchercodes, provides hundreds of codes to save money when we go to check out.

For the P&O Ferries, for example, all we did was enter the code we found for free, and they marked down the cost of the crossing. The sliced the price 20 percent, making the crossing much cheaper and giving us more more money to gamble with in the casino. After we scored the discounted ferry crossing, it was time to find a deal on a hotel.  Voila–we were in the right place.

The same site offers a bunch of ways to save with discount codes. Sweet!  We were able to get a really cheap hotel in the picturebook city of Honfleur, where the legendary harbor is probably the most photographed scene in France.  With the extra euros we were able to drink better wine!

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