Renting a Supercar, Even for the Weekend, Is Something Special

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A Ferrari 458 Iferrari-458-italiatalia is just one of dozens of supercars you can rent to spice up your weekend, this is from Gotham Dream Cars in New York City.


There are rental cars, and there are luxury rentals that give your heart a little extra horsepower.

The typical rental car is maybe a Hyundai, or a Ford…bland things that you pick up in Orlando and toddle off to Disney World with the kids in.

But there is a higher level of hire car, a place where dreams take over for the day to day. A place like Gotham Dream Cars.

You want to drive a Ferrari, a Lambo, a Porsche, or even a McLaren? They got it. Hey, it’s not cheap but these are cars that sell for $300 or $400,000, so you will indeed pay a bit. But how cool would you feel tooling down the parkway in one of these?

Some times these are weekend rentals that a wife gets for her hubby. The late Senator Edward Kennedy’s wife surprised him with a weekend rental of an Aston Martin Vanquish, no doubt giving him a joyful birthday indeed.

The good news is that your own car insurance policy will cover you in case you crash the Ferrari or Lambo. As long as you have a clean driving record and are over 21. Oh, there is also a security deposit of between $5 and $15K, depending on the car. In case it snows you can get an extra day if you leave it in the garage and never get to play with it. And if you fill it up with anything less than 93 octane super unleaded, you can slapped with a $350 fine.

You can find these exotic beauties in Melbourne, Australia too.   So if you are planning on doing a  car hire melbourne on your next visit, step up to something truly unique…Rent a Ferrari or a Maserati!

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