People who Travel Need Big Ole Coolers

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T-rex coolerIf you’re gonna be traveling by car, you need to bring a cooler with you.  It makes sense to bring your own food and save money, and at the same time not be beholden to fast food chain restaurants along the highway.  If you are creative and pack the right, you’ll have plenty of food for even the longest road trip.

This is a popular cooler called the T-Rex, and it’s one of the biggest coolers you can buy.

You cannot pour ice cubes into this cooler, though. The soft sided coolers require the use of an ice pack.  This is much better all around–another way to do the same thing is just freeze a few water bottles and pack them in with the unfrozen bottles.

This cooler was a hit with Cook’s Illustrated magazine.  Here is part of their stellar review:

“the most effective feature we came across was a layer of plastic lining on the interior of the T-Rex…which created an insulating air pocket between the cooler’s interior and the foam. That explained why this was the only model to not only keep the soda’s cool but to actually chill them to an optimal 40 degrees…”

“…What’s more, the T-rex had a small hatch sewn into it’s zip top that allowed us to grab a soda without opening the entire box, thereby keeping the release of cool air to a minimum.” Tips courtesy of



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