Sweet! The National Maple Syrup Festival in Brown County, Indiana

Maple mania has officially struck Brown County as the National Maple Syrup Festival is fast approaching! The fun, sticky, and oh so sweet Festival returns to Brown County for a second year, March 5-6.Originating in Medora, Indiana, in 2010, the Festival moved to Brown County in 2015. Geographically, Indiana holds the southern and westernmost position in the United States’ Maple Sugar Belt meaning as winter gives way to spring the sap flows first in Indiana’s maple stands. As Indiana’s most densely forested county, Brown County is an ideal location for the National Maple Syrup Festival as it is rich in natural resources, home to a wide variety of maple trees, and reflects the pioneering essence and history of maple sugar production.

A grand celebration of all things maple, the Festival will bring together maple sugar producers and hobbyists, maple syrup connoisseurs, and visitors of all ages for a weekend full of activities and events. From live sugaring demonstrations and guided hikes to warm maple syrup flights, kids activities, a pancake breakfast, and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the National Maple Syrup Festival.

New to the 2016 Festival is Tap the Town on February 27. Taking place the weekend before the Festival, this hands-on experience provides guests with the unique opportunity to tap their own maple tree in the Village of Nashville! Tap the Town at Creekside Retreat includes a maple sugaring program with brunch beginning at 11 a.m. The event also will include a visit to Hinkle-Garton Farmstead, a commemorative bottle of pure Indiana maple syrup, and tickets to the National Maple Syrup Festival on March 5-6

With the sap freely flowing, maple mania will continue the following weekend at the National Maple Syrup Festival, March 5-6. This year Festival headquarters will be at the Brown County State Park. Not only will festival guests learn the basics of maple syrup and the sugaring process, they also will be able to see for themselves how it is done.

There is no doubt about it, Brown County has been struck with maple mania. From Tap the Town and the National Maple Syrup Festival to Indiana Maple Weekend, there is definitely something sweet happening in Brown County. Come check it out for yourself. It is guaranteed to be a memorable maple experience!

More information on Brown County’s maple-related events, including tickets to Tap the Town and the National Maple Syrup Festival, are available online at www.browncounty.com/national-maple-syrup-festival or by calling 812-988-7303.

Niagara Wine Country Has Lots to Offer, In the Winter Too!


Niagara Wine Country

Niagara Wine Country

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, CANADA. — The vineyards may be dormant under a winter frost, but Niagara wine country remains a hot spot in the chilly air.

No matter the season, the alluring romance of Niagara wine country is a unique experience. From the wine to the food, the people to the events, there is no shortage of items to fill up your itinerary.

“Far from the bustle of a busy urban life and removed from the traditional tourist hubs, a wine country vacation, even if only for a day trip, is truly a quaint escape to a place where the people are friendly and the wine is exquisite,” says Marcel Morgenstern, a Sommelier and Director of Sales at PondView Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. “What happens in Niagara wine country is a story worth telling.”

Planned properly, a Niagara wine country excursion can be a diverse experience that takes in all that the region has to offer, and with the strength of the U.S. dollar offers exceptional value. When coming to Niagara, Marcel puts the following on the must-see and must-do list:

  • The unparalleled scenery. Whether at the iconic Niagara Falls, along the scenic Niagara Parkway, in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake or in a vineyard, the backdrops and picturesque landscapes are unique unto themselves.
  • The bed & breakfasts. While the major hotel chains dot the Niagara Falls skyline, a stay in a quaint bed and breakfast adds to the allure of your trip. It’s quiet, cozy and comfortable and relaxing.
  • The culinary scene. Niagara College has a culinary school that is quite literally pumping out talent that is cooking away in restaurants, bistros, hotels and wineries across the region. The focus is on local food, and it is fantastic.
  • The wineries. It is, after all, wine country. Niagara’s landscape is dotted with more than 100 wineries, most of them independently crafting stunning VQA wines that are on par with anything you will find from around the world. And you can’t miss trying some of Canada’s own Icewine, the rich, sweet dessert wine for which it is world renowned.
  • The breweries. Building on the success of the wineries, Niagara is fostering a burgeoning craft beer culture. Niagara-on-the-Lake alone is home to Oast House Brewers, Silversmith Brewing and the Niagara College Teaching Brewery.
  • The events. Niagara is transformed into a winter wonderland during the Niagara Icewine Festival between January 15th and 31st. On every weekend in February, the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake are hosting Days of Wine and Chocolate, allowing people to explore the decadently sweet and savoury art of wine and chocolate pairing.

Staying Healthy and Safe When You Travel Across the Globe

Stay healthy while traveling

Stay healthy while traveling

Traveling to new and distance locations is a dream for many explorers. You may want to see more of the world than the standard cities that the airlines frequent. Branch out into little-known towns and rural areas on your next vacation. Biking, canoeing and hiking vacations are perfect ways to see the world from a different angle as described through Outdoor Traveler’s blog, for example. However, you need to prepare your group for the trip with some smart traveling tips. Stay healthy and safe on your next vacation by following a few simple steps.

Pack for the Weather

You might hear about the sunny weather at your destination, but unseasonably cold winds are currently plaguing the area. Before you leave home, carefully analyze the prevailing weather at your destination. Most areas have extended forecasts of up to 10 or 14 days. Extreme cold or heat might be affecting the area, so pack the appropriate clothing. If the weather is constantly changing, consider a layered approach. Pack items that you can wear in layers throughout the day. Being too cold or hot during your travels will dampen your spirits and overall experiences in the new land.

Be Aware of Political Issues

Traveling the world means you need to be aware of certain areas that are volatile on a political level. Civil wars, strife and uprisings occur in many countries. Take a look at your destination and read about its current events. If there’s a major political issue concerning the area, you might want to look for an alternative itinerary. The United States government also offers their global assessments on their website. You can look up a certain country and learn about any travel warnings affecting the area. Take all of this information seriously because your trip might be unsafe otherwise.

Read up on Culture

Every corner of the globe has a different culture. In fact, some clothing choices and hand movements are considered taboo in various areas. As you narrow down your destination selections, read about the local culture. Women may need to cover their heads or legs when they enter certain areas, for example. A “thumbs up” hand gesture could be construed as an insult in other regions. When you read about a specific culture, you can be more respectful of the people when you arrive. The trip can be enhanced when you know what to expect with everyday conversations among the locals.

Stick With Bottled Water

Water quality is different in every region. Filtration processes vary, and this fact might make you sick as you travel. Regardless of your destination, always drink bottled water. This water should have a sealed lid so that there’s no possibility that the container’s been refilled with local water supplies. The local water may be technically sanitary, but you can become sick because of certain germs within the liquid. In fact, avoid other drinks that have ice within them. As the ice melts, it becomes tap water that might sicken you too. You want to prevent any gastrointestinal ailments while you explore other lands.

Research Your Destination’s Layout

Although you want to explore a city with a major tourist area, you’re also curious about the lesser-known parts of the region. Go online and research your destination’s layout. Pinpoint the areas that you want to visit as a top priority. Look at possible transportation options, such as taxis, trains or buses. When you’re prepared to move comfortably through the area, you can relax and enjoy the experience. Avoid any areas that are known for criminal activity or other issues, however. Staying safe on vacation means being aware of your surroundings at all times.

Visit Your Doctor

Every region that you explore will have different germs than you’re not accustomed to on an immunity level. When you narrow down your destination choice, visit your doctor for any inoculations designated for that area. Malaria, West Nile virus and several other ailments are often transmitted through bug bites. Ask for all of the vaccines necessary for your destination, and you should be healthy during and after your trip. Ideally, visit your doctor after the vacation so that they can verify that you’re still in good shape.

Open Your Mind

Regions across the world will often have different rules or society habits. Keep an open mind as you step off the airplane and into the new world. Don’t be judgmental or shocked by your surroundings. Chalk up the experience to an unusual surprise. In fact, you should try to speak to the locals as a way to enhance the experience. Take some basic language lessons before you arrive in the area. When you try to speak the language, locals are flattered and help you out as best as they can.

Traveling across the globe does take a substantial investment. Purchase vacation insurance whenever possible. This insurance protects you from financial loss if you can’t make the trip. Illness, work and other factors might cause you to postpone the vacation. Your insurance will allow you to have some flexibility as you save and invest in the exploration of the world.

Five Outstanding Festivals in South America

Rio's Carnival

Rio’s Carnival…not the only great festival in South America!

South America can offer you a lot more than just traditional Rio de Janeiro festival! The whole continent, in fact, has something to offer for all kinds of travelers and for people who are looking for different experience. In one place you can enjoy fabulous wine festival while in the neighborhood country you can attend a huge religious festival and get in touch with the spiritual world.

No matter what kind of celebration you are looking to stop by, all these five festivals we are going to talk about in this article are definitely worth your attention. Just don’t forget to get a good pair of sunglasses (this Sunglass Hut online discount can give a hand you here), because you are going to see a lot of sun and fun, in all these amazing festivals!

Semana Santa, Peru



One of the most notable Peru’s festivals takes place two days before Palm Sunday and continues its celebration for ten days until Easter Sunday arrives. Festival starts its road with a traditional parade honoring La Virgen de Los Delores, which literally means “a lady of sorrows” – so basically Virgin Mary. But this parade doesn’t stop the festival, as, during other days of Semana Santa, there are tons of joyful and attention-grabbing attractions like art and music shows, traditional competitions, and delicious Peruvian food which will take your breath away!

Mendoza Wine Harvest Festival, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Another perfect festival for all whose enjoy great wine more than anything is hosted in Argentina‘s city called Mendoza. Since 1936, when this fantastic festival originated, Fiesta National de la Vendimia (as locals call it) has been inviting winegrowers, vineyard hands, locals, and thousands of guests in a spectacular show of love for the Cuyo region and wines it produces. Festival usually starts in the first week of March, so right now is the best time to plan your trip here! Various concerts, parades, fireworks all celebrating the love for life and wine, and endless merriment create a definitive fantastic atmosphere under blue skies and starry nights you will never forget.

Corpus Christi Festival, Ecuador



Ecuador’s indigenous community plays a big part in the country’s live, so one of their greatest and most important festivals called Corpus Christi is considered as one of the best ways to learn about culture and people of this small South American country. The Corpus Christi Festival takes its place in the small town of Pujili and usually happens in the second week of June. Food, art, folk, regional dance, and music are fundamental parts of the festival and a way to celebrate two occasions – the return of Incan Sun God Inti and Holy Communion. What is also fascinating about this festival, is that locals and visitors from all Ecuador are invited to dress as colorful as possible, so walking around in streets during the festival, will look like you are walking in a kaleidoscope for sure.

Tango Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango in Argentina

Tango in Argentina

Another festival which takes place in Argentine and is definitely worth visiting is the Tango Festival. Argentine is one of the homelands of this passionate dancing while the capital city of Buenos Aires is one of the places where this dance was invented. Therefore, emotional Argentineans do cherish this fact and host annual Tango Festival celebrating this dance and everything about it. If you happen to be here during when the festival takes place (around the middle of August), definitely don’t miss a chance to stop by at the outdoor milonga (tango hall) where more than 10,000 dancers (tangueros) perform. Here you can also get an opportunity to learn how to dance the tango as well, and bring home the best souvenir ever – new dance moves!

Carnival, Brazil, Columbia & Uruguay

Well, ok. We can’t forget to mention one of the biggest celebrations many South Americans have – their carnivals! Carnival is celebrated throughout South America in Uruguay, Brazil, and Columbia but the Brazilians undoubtedly celebrate with the most passion and they do get the most attention from the media as well. Nevertheless, biggest Columbia’s festival in the city of Barranquilla or Mardi Gras festival in the town of Montevideo in Uruguay are also worth your attention. Especially because these festivals are equally fun and colorful, but here are fewer tourists who are wandering around than in Rio. However, these festivals are now over, and if you want to visit them, plan your trip for the next year – you won’t regret it.

Tailor-made services for Chinese Air France Customers

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Throughout the year, Air France offers its customers excellent personalized service combined with many products developed exclusively for them on flights to and from China.

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, Air France agents speaking Cantonese and Mandarin are available to assist customers on departure, arrival and when they have a connection.

On board, crews provide specially-adapted service for Chinese passengers. Air France has set up an awareness program in Chinese culture for its flight attendants. This constant strive for excellence, hospitality and service is reflected both in the gestures and polite vocabulary used. Furthermore, Chinese interpreters are available on all Air France flights to and from China.

The Air France announcements are made in Mandarin or Cantonese, depending on the destination. Adapted versions of the Air France in-flight magazines in Chinese are available for customers, as well as a selection of Chinese newspapers and magazines. In the new cabins, an individual screen shows up to 1,000 hours of programs on demand in various different languages, including some in their original Chinese version or subtitled.

During the flight, the cabin crew hand out menus translated into Chinese to all passengers, as well as oshiboris (hot or cold towels) when they are settled in their seat. Air France takes care to adapt to the culture and dietary requirements of its customers, while providing a French-style dining experience.For Chinese customers, the chefs at Servair, a subsidiary of Air France specializing in airline catering, have developed refined Chinese dishes.

Moreover, since February 2015, brand new à la carte dishes have been available in the La Première and Business cabins, on departure from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Air France is now working with Paul Pairet, a renowned French chef whose mission is to propose exceptional French cuisine on departure from these three Chinese destinations.

Air France-KLM, a vast network to Greater China

During the winter season, the Air France-KLM group is operating up to 77 weekly flights linking the hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol to 9 destinations in Greater China: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou (Canton) Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Wuhan and Xiamen.


Dine under the Northern Lights with RAW:churchill and Frontiers North Adventures


Northern Lights, Churchill, Manitoba. Janis Turk photo.

Northern Lights. Janis Turk photo.

In collaboration with Parks Canada and the creators of the award-winning RAW:almond pop-up restaurant, we at Frontiers North Adventures are so excited to announce RAW:churchill, a unique culinary and adventure experience in Churchill, Manitoba taking place March 10-12, 2016.

Never before has a culinary experience like this been hosted in the Canadian subarctic. At RAW:churchill, our guests will enjoy a world-class meal underneath the northern lights on the exact same spot that the women and men of the Hudson’s Bay Company would have more than 250 years ago, right within the walls of Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site.

Part of the adventure is for guests to embark upon an official Tundra Buggy® and travel across the frozen Churchill River to Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site. Once there, protected from weather and wildlife by the fort’s 6.5 meter (21 feet) tall and 11 meter (36 feet) thick stone walls, guests will experience fine cuisine and spirits in a heated transparent-roof ‘pop-up’ restaurant. Post-dinner, guests will complete their adventure with more northern lights viewing from the warmth and comfort of the Tundra Buggy.

Churchill is located directly under the auroral oval and the RAW:churchill structure has been designed purposefully with a transparent roof to take advantage of the opportunity for guests to dine while northern lights dance overhead. Here is a taste of the awe-inspiring Northern Lights as seen in Churchill.

We’ve curated a selection of five RAW:churchill package options for people choose from. We invite you to visit www.raw-churchill.com for details on each package and to book your spot on this exciting new adventure.