Just Keep Your Fingers Crossed

by Mridula on June 22, 2006

in Oktatabyebye

So, I am meeting the Oktatabyebye team tomorrow at 1.30. I know you will keep your fingers crossed for me :) I never had any intention but this line has almost become a mantra for me now.

The blogger in me was quite tempted to reply to all the comments at the contest profile page itself but then I am not sure if I am supposed to do that. And I do not want to do anything that will get me disqualified.

But this is my own place and here I go.

Max, thanks a lot for showing your faith in me. It has been great interacting with you and your team at GoNomad. In fact, the promptness that you people show in responding to your contributors is turly amazing. I was so gald to get a reply from an editor within eight hours, even though it was a reject the first time.

Chetan is known for writing longest comments in the blogsphere and even here I think he has the longest comment :) Thanks a lot for your support Chetan.

Steve belongs to the fantasitc team of GoNomad and has supported and beared my ‘enthusiam’ (Oktatabyebye team will probably understand what I am saying) through publishing my two travel stories at GoNomad about Goa and Ladakh. Thanks once again Steve.

Thanks a lot Krishna for liking my pictures and specially the ropeway one.

Srinath (a fellow academician) and I started interacting after I ranted about something at Desipundit. I am so thankful for your support.

Shaswat, thanks a lot for your wishes.

Ranjit, thanks.

Professor Umashankar is our dean. And if he says fantasitc, that means if need be, my leave is assured. *Huge Grin* Thank you so much, Sir.

Kirti is my colleague and when drop in her office it is very encouraging to see one of my photos serving as the wallpaper on her computer screen. Thanks a lot for supporting me Kirti.

Wasted Psuede I did not understand your comment, still thanks for showing up.

Prashanth has introduced me to the concept of mid year resolutions and I will be ever grateful to him. Thanks a lot for your support Prashanth. In fact I was quite hesitant about the contest because that would mean asking for leave again at my work place. But thanks to Prashanth, I made some mid year resolutions too and decided to take a chance :)

Divya is my fellow contestant, Hi Divya. Do you have just a little bit of butterflies in your stomach like me? I wonder.

If Shruthi would have participated in this contest she would have give all of us a run for our money, thankfully her interests are too many to concentrate just on travel. Though she enjoys taking a ride in a Volvo bus.

Nilesh is my most special commenter, he gives me no way to contact him, he drops in when he pleases and cannot be bothered rest of the time :) Nilesh I am so thankful for your support and I really appreciate your comments.

Easwer was our group leader at the YHAI Har-Ki-Doon (HKD) trek and we have met later too whenever he has been in Delhi. HKD was a time when we had a very lousy camera. Whereas Easwar had a digital camera even then. On the last day, when the most fab views were in sight our camera jammed and this guy gave us his camera to use for the rest of the duration. Can you believe it? That is as generous as anyone can get. All those cool pics from HKD have been possible due to his generosity.

Pooja is a fellow travel enthusiast and I think we have been interacting alomst since my first few posts.Thanks Pooja, your support counts for a lot.

Lily and Tom are two people whom I have met even though they live in the US. And she is another person with whom I have been interacting since our first few posts. The amazing thing is when she came to India she had so little time in Delhi, yet she and Tom came all the way to Gurgaon to have dinner with me. I hope she gets to do a trek in India on her next visit. Lily many thanks.

Update 1
If Stephen had a blog he would have a huge following of fans for his book and movie reviews. Instead he writes on Epinions.

A, I have more than 150 posts on my blog and all are not about trekking, but how I wish they were. You might have noticed most of the people I have talked about here, write on their own blogs/websites/consumer review site/(are owner)editor of travel websites. I have given enough links. Do you think I know them in my real life? I met them through my blog (sometimes in person too, like Lily) or other websites. Yes, I interact with a lot of people through my blog but I thought that is what blogging is about.

I am blogging about this contest with permission from Oktatabyebye team. If my blog friends and other friends who have seen how travel mad we are come out in my support, I can’t help it. And you left out my colleagues, even they support me, because I drive them crazy with my travel anecdotes. All I can count on is support of friends, after all George W Bush is not going to support me :)

Though absolutely no problems with not having your vote. You can’t win them all. I hope ‘A’ we can have a conversation here about your views and my reply, that is after all what blogging is all about. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for the candidate you want to win.

Radha, thanks.

Priyatham is another blog friend who has turned into Maverick! Thanks a lot for your support and do keep your fingers crossed.

Tr, thanks for your kind words.

Modigili is yet another blog friend from the US A. Thanks a lot for your support Momo.

Emma just did her first trek and is thrilled by her experience. But she writes about much more. Thanks Emma.

Update 2

Though, I am allowed to reply at the contest website itself, I will continue updating this post too, after all I can make the hyperlink here only.

Sathish is another travel enthusiast who blogs. Thanks for your support.

Seshadri you can say that :)

Karishma, have fun tomorrow.

Apurv, thanks for your kind words but after looking at your pictures I know how very faaaaaaaaaaar I have to go.

Radha, thanks.

Priyatham is another blog friend who has turned into Maverick! Thanks a lot for your support and do keep your fingers crossed.

Tr, thanks fo
r your kind words.

Vj, you know where I am putting all my money.

Vihari, the good thing about such contests is that you get to know so much about self!

Thanks Anil (if I am gusseing it right who you are) it is your pictures and accounts that should have been on the net, but with the kind of workload you have (or even otherwise), I think I can never persuade you to blog and that is a pity.

Harshad, that is the spirit, may the best person win.

DD, thanks a lot.

And till the contest is over, just keep your fingers crossed for me, please.
s a lot for your comment.

Alka, that is the way to go, just keep your fingers crossed.

Amrit, when I see plastic left behind by trekkers (all the fancy stuff that cannot be left by the locals) it makes me so sad. Someone who takes so much effort to be with nature, how can they do this?

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{ 12 comments… read them below or add one }

Prashanth M June 26, 2006 at 5:01 am

Thanks for the kind words, infact its who inspired me to make that kind of resolution. Me, looking for a big one in August :)


Mridula June 23, 2006 at 5:17 pm

Ganga, thanks. Please feel free to mention me in your post.


Gangadhar June 23, 2006 at 5:06 pm

Al da best Mridula..i wanna publish a post about “bloggers in a family” in a couple of days..I’d like to mention you,Amrit and Alka..i need ur permission..tnx..


Mridula June 23, 2006 at 2:47 pm

Shruthi, I met the team and will blog about it soon.Starship, cheers indeed to the spirit of wanderlust.


Starship Enterprise June 23, 2006 at 1:20 pm

I saw your profile on the contest site. All the best! Travel blogging, specially in India, needs all the support it can get..Cheers to the spirit of pure wanderlust!


Shruthi June 23, 2006 at 8:31 am

Thank you for your kind words :) )I guess, as I write this comment, you will be getting ready to meet the Team… best wishes to you!! :)


Mridula June 23, 2006 at 6:57 am

Chronicus Skepticus (Divya) I think having just a few little ones is a good sing :) I don’t think your replying there itself will make any difference. I decided to do it here because then I can give links to my blog friends freely :)


Chronicus Skepticus June 23, 2006 at 6:39 am

Butterflies? A few *little* ones. :) And I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to reply on the comments page, but I did…oops!


Mridula June 23, 2006 at 6:30 am

Vj, thank you. The idea of two vacations is just too delicious! But then let us keep our fingers crossed.


Vj June 23, 2006 at 6:26 am

Hey Mridula ! congrats . I root for you. and you’re the winner already….think about packing your bags again. it’s gonnabe a double whammy for you, this summer…


Mridula June 23, 2006 at 5:48 am

Maverick, all we can do is to wait and hope for the best while keeping our fingers crossed :) I know one thing, my blog friends are just great! And in some little way, I must be doing something right that is liked my my fellow travel enthusiasts and bloggers.


Maverick June 22, 2006 at 9:29 pm

i also see tht u r the one with max no.of comments and applauses.may u win so tht we get to read those interesting blogs which u’ll write about ur travel after the win.u rock.


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