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Tweet I was thinking about my South Africa trip today, I actually think about it often. And what a wonderful trip it was! I had severe withdrawal symptoms till I went and trekked in Nepal. So I thought I have to post a few pictures from the South Africa Trip again. Flying from Johannesburg to [...]


Tweet I flew with Air India to Sri Lanka and with Indigo to Nepal. Both have been recent vacations, I have enjoyed a lot on both. And guess what? All the flight were on time too! The choice of the air carrier was determined by cheap airline tickets. To Sri Lanka I was traveling with [...]


Tweet Took this picture somewhere on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. I was amazed at the number of rays I could see with the eye. Not the same effect in the picture. Beautiful Sky, From a Delhi Mumbai Flight  For the nth time I love sitting on the window seat on a plane because [...]


Tweet I recently became interested in exploring trips to nearby Asian countries. The first thing I look at is getting easy visa or visa on arrival. I tried to go to Hong Kong but that trip didn’t come through. The next country on my mind was Sri Lanka. It is nearby, it is almost as [...]


Tweet Last Sunday (10/03/2013) I flew out of Srinagar airport with the first flight out of the town. It is currently operated by GoAir and leaves Srinagar at 8.35 am. We had a very early start from Gulmarg and we reached the Srinagar (SXR) airport before it opened. Yes the Srinagar shuts down and it [...]


Tweet Greetings from Gulmarg. I arrived here yesterday and there is a lot of snow in the area. I am staying at The Khyber (at their invitation) and it is a lovely place. However the picture I am going to share today is from our landing at Srinagar Airport. The Landing at Srinagar Airport, Jammu & [...]