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Hi From Banglore

by Mridula on December 25, 2012

in Bangalore,Canon D550,India,Photography

Tweet For the next few days I am in Bangalore. So blogging will be infrequent. Will be traveling to Chennai too. Have to meet a few friends. So kind of full days ahead. The weather is so different from Delhi. Much more warmer. I sort of like it at the moment.


Tweet   Spotted this by the side of the raod, the clay pots are used by many to cool water in summer.   This motorcyclist and the ones below were at the same traffic signal on our way to the Bangalore Airport.  


On the Road!

by Mridula on January 2, 2012

in Bangalore,Canon D550,Photography,traffic

Tweet   From our place to Bangalore Airport is far far away. In the car, Chhavi fell asleep after maybe 15 minutes. Then I had all the time to try and click pictures from the moving car. I reasoned that if I simply tried to focus on a moving vehicle from a moving car I [...]


Tweet   The last photo of the year also comes from Bangalore. I was staying at a friend’s place where there was a road right next to the apartment. He had a Nikon SLR and I had some time as my daughter was playing with his wife. So I asked him if he had a [...]


Tweet The last Skywatch for 2011! I was in Bangalore, once again in a cab and with the traffic not too good. The sun started setting over the city and I decided to click from the moving cab itself. So this is the best shot that I managed. For more beautiful skies from across the [...]


A Few From the Road

by Mridula on December 29, 2011

in Bangalore,Canon D550,Photography

Tweet I am not much of a street photographer, I am quite afraid to click pictures of people for the fear of offending them. But today I was somewhere in Bangalore and it took 2 hours to get back home. Chhavi also feel asleep after a while. So I clicked a few pictures from the [...]