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Tweet Mandvi was on my radar on this visit to Kutch because I wanted to go near the sea. The Vijay Vilas Palace (post pending) was a bonus for me. I just spent one night there but then most of my vacations are like that, so I am not going to complain. I just made [...]


Back from a Vacation!

by Mridula on January 19, 2014

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Tweet I was supposed to be in Thailand the previous week but the trip got cancelled quite close to the trip, one of those things which is beyond anyone’s control. Now I had one week of leaves and suddenly nowhere to go. For 4 hours without even blinking I kept searching for reasonable airfares. In [...]


Tweet I arrived at Durban really tired and crumpled. And by the time I could even vaguely take stock it started raining. And it rained for more than a day almost continuously. And then today morning when I very reluctantly opened my eyes this was the view that greeted me right out of my hotel window! Sunrise [...]


Tweet Sri Lanka has some beautiful beaches and Mirissa is one of them. This is in South Sri Lanka about 150 km from Colombo Airport. Enjoy the blue sea and the blue skies from Mirissa for today’s Sky Watch.  Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka Do check out the Sky Watch Friday theme and take part.


Tweet I cannot believe that a few months before I was talking about cancelled trips! I have traveled a lot since then. I went to Gulmarg, then we first went to Jagatsukh, then to Sri Lanka and finally I traveled for work to Guwahati and Shillong. And I never thought I would say it but [...]


Tweet I often think of what to wear when I visit a new country. Being from India I would admit I am not very adventurous when it comes to dressing and in many places of the world I will pass off easily as moderately dressed. I did not bother too much before visiting Sri Lanka as I [...]