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Lufthansa Network Challenge

by Mridula on November 15, 2013

in blogging,India,Travel

Tweet Do you know the name of the international airport at Liberville, yes you read it right Liberville. And it is not a fictional place in Farmville but the capital of Gabon. Now you will ask me where is Gabon. I would say play the Lufthansa Network Challenge and you will know it all. I [...]


How Did You Name Your Blog?

by Mridula on October 10, 2013

in blogging,Musing

Tweet I got a comment recently on my blog that though the name of my blog is Travel Tales from India, I write about other countries! And then they say what is in a name. I think the impression was formed because of the recent spate of posts on Thailand and Cambodia. But that took [...]


Tweet Birds (and other animals) are master of camouflage. While walking on the roads of Rishikesh, early one morning I thought there was something irregular within the pattern of the tree. After zooming from a distance I could see the Jungle Owlet clearly. I also knew from that distance it would not make for a [...]


Tweet Wish you all a very happy holi. May you travel more this spring and throughout the year and may your travel be colorful! We had a great time this year. Happy Holi For the first year my daughter decided to play Holi this time! Till last year she you tell us she didn’t like [...]


Tweet I am sometimes asked- when did I start to travel? Well there are two answers to it. One is that I started traveling after I stopped being active at sports. But these days a different answer suggests itself to me. And that is, I hardly travel! I have not yet started traveling, I want [...]


Tweet So the wait is over. I did my first ever blogging contest with Groupon a few days back. Many thanks to the 16 people who left valid comments. There were 18 comments in all but two comments were by the same person so the name was entered only once. Another comment was a good luck comment [...]